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About the client

OTTER is an online platform founded by Tech4good Labs LLP. It is a venture that brings together like-minded, skilled individuals who want to contribute to society. Most often NGOs have data accumulated over a long period of time. With OTTER, these datas can be easily organized and streamlined to understand changing trends, patterns and derive benefits at the same time.

OTTER created sustainable and scalable solutions to create a social impact. With 406 active users, 100 free tools, 20 tech mentors and 20 toolmakers, it has benefited over 600 NGOs since its inception.


OTTER had two very different and unique issues that required resolution individually.

Firstly they needed a tech community platform that could bring together tech mentors, tool makers, funders, and non profit ventures under a single umbrella and collaboratively create sustainable solutions that could have scalable social impact

Secondly, create a digital presence for the NGOs and educate them about how to leverage technological aspects for their benefit.

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At Pacewisdom, we proposed a Tech Community Platform that could cater to the individual requirement of OTTER. We leveraged OTTER’s key speciality in conceptualizing a multiple set of impact worthy solutions.

Technical check assessment specific to Nonprofit. Auto connect funders and nonprofits to create a social impact. Augment technological implementations into working cycle of the NGO. Creating a scope for NGO to obtain discount on tech tools. Streamline operations, fundraising for better service. Create a scalable social network that can provide long term advantage to the NGO Broaden the scope for better audience reachability.

Our Approach

While analyzing the requirements, our team became aware that unification of the entire platform would require a complete upgradation. Hence a set of goals were decided, based on which the entire approach was conceptualized. We created a tech platform framework that could create an optimized solution and cater to all the possible requirements.

It serves as an Online Tech Training Engagement resource. It streamlines all aspects of Nonprofit operations under a single frame, thus helping in creating better impact. It amalgamates Technology with nonprofit for ease of operations. Add increased value to the platform due to the inclusion of the Process and result oriented Big Giants. Connects all the stakeholders under a single umbrella. It is a result oriented user-friendly platform.

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Features of the App

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Design conceptualized around the thematics of the logo.


A transparent platform for better stakeholder interactions.

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Unique aesthetics with easy scrolling


Ability to customize and change without needing external assistance.

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Complete management control.


Consolidated informations under a single window.

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User-friendly access that is easy to streamline.

Technology Stack




OTTER is the future of Nonprofits worldwide

OTTER was created with a vision to connect NGOs and utilize the collected data to create impact worthy scalable solutions. With the success of the initial phase of the project, there is no doubt that OTTER will keep growing bigger over the period of time.