Our Solutions

Our teams have worked with clients across geographies and industries to solve their challenging problems. Pace Wisdom has the expertise to create specific solutions for you, to suit your niche.

Hospital management system

Healthcare and Pharma

Pace Wisdom helps our customers harness the power of wearables, cloud, AI/Machine Learning and analytics. We work on multiple technologies to create sophisticated iOS, Android and hybrid mobile apps, backend web applications and enterprise solutions. We build everything from large scale healthcare management software to personalised medical applications.

Transportation management system

Logistics and SCM

Pace Wisdom can help you get the most out of your logistics/supply chain network. We build systems that can help you deliver your promises to your end users. We create solutions to help vendors, transporters, warehouses, customers, and other entities and personnel in the network. Your network can be powered by android, iOS and/or hybrid apps.

Real estate management software

Hospitality and Real-Estate

Pace Wisdom enables you to integrate information technology into your services with your ideal customer in mind. You can leverage iOS and android mobile applications, online booking portals, IoT enabled experiences that can all work together. You can make it easier for you, and those who work with you, to make your customer's day.

Iot application development

Internet of Things(IoT)

Pace Wisdom offers IoT consulting and help you launch your ideas quickly on an Internet of Things development platform. Retail, fitness, wellbeing, health, convenience and security are some of the sectors that we cater to. Put the power of smartwatches, beacons and other custom devices, combines with iOS/Android, cloud and analytics to use.

E-commerce mobile application development


Pace Wisdom makes it simple for you to launch your business online. Our experience and understanding of the global market, can help you gain a larger audience for your products that the local customers love. The insights that you gather by analysing customer data through their activities on your ecommerce website and/or mobile app, can be invaluable to you.

Iot applications in agriculture


Pace Wisdom is proud to be a technology partner of SATSURE, a UK based company. Together we are working towards modernising agriculture and imbibing it with a more scientific approach. We use powerful algorithms that combine satellite imagery with weather and location data; we leverage big data, machine learning, satellite, and weather information.

Machine learning solutions

BI/ Analytics / ML / AI

Pace Wisdom can help you harness business intelligence tools, infrastructure and methods, that let you gather data from your business activities, analyse, visualise and query it. Accurate and timely data can be presented to you through BI apps in a way that lets you improve cost savings, gain profits, enhance your services and products.

Online teaching software

Education and Learning Management Systems

Pace Wisdom is creating solutions for educators, institutions, and content creators that helps them produce and distribute educational content to students, beyond the barriers of geography. It helps students and educators take charge of their learning, acquire interdisciplinary knowledge, accelerate their learning and connect to peers online.