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Bringing Start-Up Stakeholders Together with a Unified Equity Management Platform

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About the client

Our client is a company that aims to make private market investment and equity accessible to all. They use technology and a user-friendly platform to provide investors with the tools and information they need.


The client approached us with the need for technology and a user-friendly platform to provide investors and start-ups with the tools and information they need.

They wanted to simplify equity management by removing manual processes, increasing transparency, and providing support for startups with CAP tables and ESOPs from idea to IPO. The company sought to bring all stakeholders together under a single umbrella management system, including ESOP holders and family offices.


As a team at Pacewisdom, we have a unique ability to analyze gaps in systems and identify areas for improvement. After conducting a thorough analysis of the existing system, we realized that unifying the platform would require a complete transformation of the organization. This realization allowed us to develop a plan for implementing the necessary changes and to ensure that the new platform would be successful. Therefore, we decided to provide individual, tailored solutions to each sector, and then consolidate them all under a single platform.

The existing service provided by the client was fully digitized and all manual processes were replaced with paperless services. Customized plans were also provided to individual enterprises and stakeholders for improved transparency and unification. We organized all information into specific categories for easier retrieval and analysis for the users. Our clients had access to exclusive opportunities and better portfolio management tools. We also provided additional support for early investors and employee liquidity. The platform offers valuation services to help startups determine the worth of their company. Users can access all the functionalities of the cap table for managing investors and securities, as well as an ESOP management dashboard essential for startups.

The platform offers investors several benefits, including the ability to make direct investments in startups. It also provides unique funds management options and the ability to invest globally. Additionally, the platform offers portfolio management tools to help investors keep track of their investments and make informed decisions about where to allocate their funds. Overall, the platform provides investors with a wide range of options and tools to help them achieve their investment goals.

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Technology used

The developed unified platform can be accessed from any browser. It is built using full stack JavaScript and is hosted on an Nginx server with a NoSQL database for data storage.


The platform has ISO 27001 certification

paperless processes


unicorns make use of
this platform


startups on the platform



I found the Customer Centricity of the company very impressive. All the senior folks I interacted with were very customer focussed and they truly listened to our problems and tried to find solutions for them in the best way possible


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