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To increase the sales and user base, Storeking wanted to the app to be used by direct end customers. This resulted in another problem i.e. poor data usage and availability in villages. How to make that app work even without internet. Since the target audience was from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, we had to also support local languages. The app had to support 5 languages, English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.


The only solution for interaction with the Storeking server without internet was using the SMS gateway. And to show deals we had top 3000 deals with images and description directly in built. The login and registration was done using OTP. The user would get a unique 4 digit Pin whenever the session got expired.

Storeking App, Mobile app development by Pace Wisdom


  • The app has the following features completely working on SMS.
  • Login/ Register
  • Home Screen showing deals based on recent history and search.
  • Product Search offline, with Advanced Filters.
  • Products with Images and description
  • Check stock availability/ Request for Product if not available/Sold out currently.
  • Online search if internet is available.
  • Show Daily deals if internet is available.
  • Profile of User and Delivery Address with Franchisee details.
  • Recharge via SMS.
  • Wallet Integration offline with OTP.
  • Add to cart and pay via Wallet.
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