"We were totally impressed with the team's patience and rigor they had set to do things right." Founder & CEO, CLTInternational Foundation Inc.

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Pangaea X: Data analyst recruitment platform

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Data Analytics Recruitment Platform

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About the client

Pangaea X is the world's first freelancer recruitment platform for a specialized talent pool in data analytics. The platform allows businesses and individuals to connect, communicate, and collaborate with data analysts across the globe.


Businesses have amassed huge volumes of data, and their ability to mine it can create a competitive advantage. However, they also face challenges in hiring qualified talent specialized in data analytics. Pangaea X aims to build a web platform to create a one-stop solution for businesses to source their data analytics talent requirements. Pangaea X's objective is to enable businesses to post their project requirements and invite bids from listed freelancers. The platform also addresses stakeholders' communication challenges by facilitating communication between businesses and freelancers and among freelancers.

The challenge for us is to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for freelancers, ensuring the steady availability of data analytics talent on the platform. We also needed to create a user-friendly interface for business users to list the projects and view freelancers' complete details easily.


At Pace Wisdom, we were excited to take on the task of developing a specialized data analytics recruiting platform for a global initiative, consulting with clients to create a user-friendly design with relevant features using our customer-centric development methodology and technical expertise. We conducted user analysis to create personas and tested the design with low-fidelity wireframes for end-user resonance and web app intuitiveness. Our agile approach allowed for efficient development, and we conducted load tests before launch to ensure platform readiness.

The platform includes features for businesses to list new projects, view and manage ongoing projects, and access details of completed projects. Businesses can view details of all freelancers bidding for the projects to enable them to evaluate and select the most suitable and qualified candidate. The review feature allows businesses to give ratings and provide feedback on freelancers. It also facilitates project management by bringing together different freelancers and managing them as a team.

The 'freelancer view' enables freelancers to go through all listed projects and place their bids. They can also view client details and ratings. The platform also allows freelancers to bid collaboratively as a team for client projects. The platform integration with payment gateways enables freelancers to collect payments from their clients.

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Technology used

The web browser-based platform has been developed on a Linux operating system using Java and Angular languages. It has a MySQL database with SendGrid communication protocol for email and Twilio notifications for SMS.


Streamlined recruitment process
for data analysts

data analysts listed on the platform


Projects successfully delivered
to clients

Improved project management
for the stakeholders



We were totally impressed with the team's patience and rigor they had set to do things right.


Product Manager, Pangaea X

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