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About the client

1M1B (1 Million for 1 Billion) is a United Nations accredited non-profit organization with a mission to activate 1 million young leaders to become future-ready problem solvers who will impact 1 billion people for a sustainable world. 1M1B works closely with youth globally, activating and nurturing them to create real-impact solutions for the biggest challenges.


Pace Wisdom was approached by the client with an idea for a unique website called Flaunch. This platform enables young people from around the world to participate in challenges posed by non-profits and organizations and to win rewards for their efforts in coming up with innovative solutions. The client wanted the platform to be used by both students and teachers.


Pace Wisdom was entrusted with the task of developing the Flaunch website from the ground up. The team collaborated with the client to define the vision for the platform and identify the key features needed to achieve it. To ensure the platform would meet the needs of all stakeholders and users, the team researched to understand their requirements and mapped those needs to the features that needed to be developed.

The web application developed by Pace Wisdom for the client allows students to log in and participate in challenges that are posted on the platform. By participating in these challenges, students can compete with other students from around the world and earn points. They can also submit their work and earn rewards for their efforts. The above features are also available for teachers and they can even take up the challenges posted. The platform includes a number of features to promote healthy competition, such as a leaderboard that ranks students and teachers based on their points and progress. Users also have the ability to search and filter for challenges, and can access real-time updates about upcoming, live, and expired challenges. Through a dashboard, users can access the list of all enrolled challenges along with their completed or submitted challenges and can further download their certificates of completion.In addition to the student and teacher portals, an admin portal was developed for the client to manage and monitor the platform. This includes the ability to monitor students, teachers, schools, and non-profit organizations that are using the platform, as well as manage challenges and perform other administrative tasks.

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Technology used

The platform was developed using Vue.js for the front end and the Laravel framework for the back end, with MySQL as the database. The platform is hosted on AWS. It also includes a payment gateway to facilitate transactions on the platform.


Partnership with multiple educational institutions
6.8k +

Enrolled students in the platform

2.5k +

Enrolled teachers in
the platform


Challenges posted
by NGOs



The quality of the developed application was top-notch. The team has been prompt in fixing defects and ensuring quality

Saffin Mathew

Programs Director, 1M1B foundation

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