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Trends in the tech world: What should your next big tech move be?

As the world moves towards digitization at an astounding rate, it is distinctly clear that a digitally mature organization succeeds financially (Source). That said, starting with the digital journey can be quite challenging. When the goals are not clear, the available technologies can get a little too overwhelming to choose from. In such instances, some of the following strategies can help organizations to set goals and to do the right things in their digital journey to achieve the set goals.

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Do your developers need college degrees?

Is it time to break with the tradition of hiring fresh college graduates and go in for novel methods of recruitment? Does the background of developers influence the value they bring to the table? What is more useful, a traditional college degree or certifications from coding boot camps? 

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What is DevOps? When do you need it?

Given the rate of innovation in the tech world, time to market is a decisive factor for the profitability of a product. After launching the software in the market, quick and continuous support, be it in releasing bug fixes to the customer base or inculcating new features in the existing software is a critical detail for the product popularity and customer retention. Sequential execution of activities in a software development lifecycle introduces several unwanted delays. An approach that emphasizes on parallelization of activities markedly mitigates the delay. DevOps is one model that serves exactly this purpose.

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What is Data Transformation and why do you need it?

Data – the most precious element in the digital world, is of little use in its raw form. Akin to extracting metals from their ores, data has to be converted into useful information for getting the maximum use out of it in algorithms.Any form of analytics needs to use transformed data, be it visualization, analysis, or reporting.This brings us to the question, what exactly do we mean by data transformation?

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Streamline communication with your Remote development team

It is important to streamline communication among the members of the team early on to avoid snowballing of small problems and misunderstandings. Before we explore the ways to streamlining communication, we need to understand the challenges of remote working.

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Mobile App Development with Flutter

Apps of BMW, eBay, Philips Hue are used by many regularly. The common factor amongst all these apps is that they are developed using the Flutter framework, which is gaining traction as the most versatile and convenient platform for developers.

What makes Flutter the most desired platform for development? What problems of the previous platform did it solve? Should you use it for your project? Read on to know more

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Understanding Beacon Technology and its applications.

In hand in a world that runs at a fast pace fueled by technology, hardware and software go hand in hand. Technical innovations such as beacon technology have empowered the marketing space giving a boost to businesses. What is this beacon technology? How does it work and how do businesses benefit from it?

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Web Vitals: Why are they important?

Optimizing the quality of user experience is key to the long-term success of any site on the web. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or developer, Web Vitals can help you quantify the experience of your site and identify opportunities to improve.

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Minimalist UI for Appealing Apps

As per Statista, there are over five million apps on various mobile app stores on the internet. There are over 50 apps on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s app store just for accessing emails. How do you make your app stand out in this competitive scenario? How do you make people choose and keep coming back to your app regularly? 

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Instant Apps – A tool to expand business outreach

How many of us have a slow responding smartphone cluttered with apps? How many of us thought twice before downloading a new app with the fear of overriding our phone’s memory budget? How many of us get annoyed when we are forced to download an app for a better user experience that we cannot get from the same application’s website on a mobile browser?

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What is Serverless Computing?

I don’t drink tea regularly. Once or twice a year, I do fancy a cup of green/black tea. Given my consumption pattern, it would be ridiculous if I own a tea garden and a processing unit solely for domestic use. It would be a waste of land, water, manpower, and many more resources for a minuscule demand. Buying tea leaves from the market is a more viable plan.

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The importance of technology in Supply Chain Management

I remember the events of March 2021 when the gigantic carrier ‘Ever Given’ was stuck in the Suez canal threatening the global economy by disrupting the supply chain for almost the whole of Europe for a week. The domino effect of the blockage is predicted to last a long time widening the gap between demand and supply in crucial sectors such as the semiconductor industry. Was this a case of poor supply chain management?

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