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Property & Real Estate Management software

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Hospitality and Real-Estate

Hospitality and real-estate are highly people-centric industries, where technology can be leveraged smartly and creatively to create enjoyable, and fulfilling experiences for end-users.

People are making use of their mobile phones and internet to research and compare properties and hospitality services.Apps can help you create a powerful impression on your customers & understand them before their visit. An app can tell your guest that their laundry is ready for pickup or that there is an apartment available that suits their needs. Pace Wisdom enables you to integrate information technology into your services with your ideal customer in mind. You can leverage iOS and android mobile applications, online booking portals, IoT enabled experiences that can all work together.
You can make it easier for you, and those who work with you, to make your customer’s day.

Simplified hospitality and real estate management

We offer enterprise applications, on a cloud, that can improve management, reduce human effort and errors, and save resources.

As a real estate professional, we can create apps and websites to help you manage the working of your organisation seamlessly. Apartment complexes and/or building owners can track security, maintenance, billing, facility management and communication with the help of a property management software or landlord software. Apartment owners can manage payment of dues, visitors, events, staff and communication with other communications through a unified property management app. Rental property management software can help you manage tenants, maintenance, rent collection, lease agreements and more.

Enhanced customer footfall in hospitality

A great customer experience for hospitality should begin before they arrive at your place, and stretch beyond their stay with you. Stunning, mobile-ready websites, can create a lasting impression on your guests, even before they book with you. iOS/Android/Hybrid apps can help your business soar, through persuasive design, great UX, and technical finesse.

property management and real estate crm software property management software

Connecting real estate buyers and sellers

We create real estate sales software and mobile applications that can help potential homeowners seek out their ideal property and help sales representatives track and conduct sales efficiently.

Personalised digital experiences

We can build and design systems that reflect your brand and fully engage your users: from apps that can personalise a hotel stay, and booking of amenities to online check-in and check-out. We build location based services, and chatbots to automate your engagement process.

Improved loyalty

You can leverage your online platform to create a long-standing relationship with your customers, provide special offers and encourage positive sharing with their peers.