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Supply Chain Management Software

Our Solutions For

Logistics & Supply Chain

Pace Wisdom can help you get the most out of your logistics/supply chain network. We build systems that can help you deliver your promises to your end users. We create solutions to help vendors, transporters, warehouses, customers, and other entities and personnel in the network. Your network can be powered by android, iOS and/or hybrid apps. We develop backend web applications for administrators and SaaS based enterprise solutions.

Real time navigation and tracking

With Google maps integration and GPS tracking solutions, key stakeholders can track their shipments in real-time and gain insights about delivery time, delays and more. Track speed and temperature of your vehicle and condition of shipments. Mobile scanner apps can help rapid processing of shipments.

Multiple freight carriers

We make booking and managing of multiple freight contracts simultaneously, be it pre-planned contracts or ad hoc ones.

Warehouse management software

Logistics Process Automation

We can help you automate processes end-to-end in your supply chain network, such as, optimum distribution of shipments, and report generation with logistics management software. Reduce your carbon footprint through higher efficiency.

Better insights, smarter decisions, & added value

With the help of big data, we can help you come up with decisions from a place of clarity and accuracy. Plan your business better by forecasting demand. Let big data, AI/Machine Learning and IoT power your network.

Trustworthy and secure systems

We build in intelligent algorithms into your logistics software to keep your data secure at every step and prevent tampering, fraud and loss. Securely manage all your payments.

Find the most trusted service providers

Automatic rating of service providers based on previous service quality, and pricing can help senders easily select a freight carrier for their service

Minimized paperwork

Receipts, invoices, contracts and reports can all be generated online, with minimal manual paperwork.

Technological applications have become more interlinked with logistics and supply chain management with each passing day. Trends like driverless transport vehicles

Inventory and Supply chain management software Supply chain management software

Use of robots in packaging and other measures towards automation, will only strengthen the technological dependency of Logistics/SCM. Embedded IoT sensors in vehicles, and shipments generate real time data, that can be a goldmine of information.

Customers, both domestic and international, are demanding flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness more than ever. They are willing to put their mobile devices to use, to find the best option in this space. Only providers who speak the language of the customers, possess a solid online presence and gain the goodwill of the customers, can stay ahead.