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IoT Development Services

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Internet of Things(IoT)

Internet of Things(IoT) services bring convenience and connectivity among different components of life, in ways that have never been imagined before. The scope for innovation in this field is boundless.

Pace Wisdom offers IoT consulting and help you launch your ideas quickly on an Internet of Things development platform. Retail, fitness, wellbeing, health, convenience and security are some of the sectors that we cater to. Put the power of smartwatches, beacons and other custom devices, combines with iOS/Android, cloud and analytics to use.

Seamlessly connected customer experiences

Serve your content to your customers across multiple IoT devices, in real time. Add a personal touch to experiences like in-store shopping or fitness, by serving the user with exactly what they need.

Safety in times of need

Personal safety IoT technology for women and children, with Bluetooth connectivity, that will automatically trigger and SOS alert via SMS and initiate a phone call to preselected, trusted numbers.

IoT solutions and services Internet of things applications

Applications of IoT in healthcare and medicine

Our solutions make use of wearables and monitors that can track blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart rate and other parameters. These devices can connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, enabling data to be uploaded to the cloud. These IoT applications and services can help patients not only track the state of their health, the information can be presented to healthcare professionals who can prescribe medication, diet or respond to emergencies making it an integral part of our Solution offerings in the field of Telemedicine.

Making data work for you

Extract maximum value out of the data extracted from sensors with the help of analytics and machine learning.

Customised solutions

We create solutions as per your requirements for hardware, energy consumption limits, user interfaces, and mobile platform.