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Healthcare management

Our Solutions For

Healthcare and Pharma

Our solutions for the healthcare and pharma industries help them realise their vision by improving key business processes. We understand the need to create manageable, secure and user-friendly systems for all stakeholders, including medical professionals, hospitals, clinics, healthcare associations, colleges and patients.

Healthcare app development

We have developed an in-depth understanding of healthcare markets across geographies, as our teams work with customers from around the globe. The relationship between healthcare providers and patients has become dynamic due to the advent of multiple means of communication. Users too are willing to seek quick and reliable solutions to their health concerns via mobile health apps.

Pace Wisdom helps our customers harness the power of wearables, cloud, AI/Machine Learning and analytics. We work on multiple technologies to create sophisticated iOS, Android and hybrid mobile apps, backend web applications and enterprise solutions. We build everything from large scale healthcare management software to personalised medical applications

Make your presence felt by creating the future of healthcare and pharma, with Pace Wisdom as your partner.

Solutions for every stage in healthcare delivery

We create solutions for the various stages in the process of healthcare delivery, including connecting users to healthcare providers, diagnosis, patient/personnel management, post-operative care, and beyond.

Data-driven healthcare management

We help our customers to adopt a data-driven approach to their healthcare applications. Providers can create and manage their repository of patient and personnel data. From analytics tools that serve as diagnostic aids to systems that help with the study of patient demographics, we build tools to simplify viewing of diagnostic and test results, reporting, and comparisons in easy to use formats for healthcare providers and patients, as per specifications. We ensure that healthcare data is absolutely secure and local regulations like HIPAA are followed.

Medical apps for doctors

Upgradation of existing systems

We can help organisations seamlessly upgrade legacy healthcare systems to cutting-edge modern technologies.

Personalised solutions for well-being

We healthcare apps for patients that can help individuals monitor their own health e.g blood-glucose level logging and tracking. We also build solutions for personalised fitness training and coaching.

Taking healthcare to everybody’s palm

We build online / video consultation applications, that can help patients easily connect with their healthcare providers.

Wearable and monitor integration

We help healthcare providers engage their patients better via medical apps, by utilising the data obtained through multiple trackers, wearables and monitors to provide more holistic care. Parameters like blood pressure, heart rate, blood-glucose levels and more can be tracked.