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Farm management software

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Technological literacy can help farmers connect to experts in the field of soil sciences, climate, rainfall, crop diseases, seed selection, animal breeding and more.

Pace Wisdom is proud to be a technology partner of SATSURE, a UK based company. Together we are working towards modernising agriculture and imbibing it with a more scientific approach. We use powerful algorithms that combine satellite imagery with weather and location data; we leverage big data, machine learning, satellite, and weather information, and IoT devices to provide valuable information to farmers about crops, drought, groundwater levels and livestock, which they can put to practical use. We build farm management software and agriculture software solutions that can reach the widest audience. It aims to support financial services in agriculture, by using the above data and correlating the outputs with economic datasets to derive actionable intelligence.

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Advanced Crop Intelligence

Farmers can use satellite based crop clustering instead of manual crop cutting, for the selection of ideal agricultural lands. Crop yield assessment, crop health assessment, crop classification and trend analyses are available through crop management software.

Risk assesment for insurance claims

Risk assessment helps farmers and insurance providers to accurately gauge risks related to climatic conditions, and help settle insurance claims fairly and quickly.

Helping Farmers learn from wherever they are

We have created a platform for farmers to reach out to experts in the field, through chat and call. We try to make vital knowledge resources available to farmers with the help of technology. They can learn about best practices in farm management and farm equipment management through videos and crop information services. Local language support will be provided.

Agriculture software

Making ecommerce work for farmers

Farmers can buy and sell online. Without any interference. They can order fertilizers and pesticides through an online portal.