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Education and Learning Management Systems

Pace Wisdom is creating solutions for educators, institutions, and content creators that helps them produce and distribute educational content to students, beyond the barriers of geography. It helps students and educators take charge of their learning, acquire interdisciplinary knowledge, accelerate their learning and connect to peers online.

We create education and learning apps for iOS, Android and hybrid (Ionic / React Native). We create learning management solutions that can serve a large audience with courses from various fields, scoring systems, credits, discussion forums, assessments, and reviews.

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A total learning experience

Courses can be delivered via videos, audio, images, transcripts, textual content, live streaming, and graded assessments, providing learners with a complete experience of learning via an online course management system.

Courses to complement traditional education

We can build learning management systems (LMS) for institutions and learning resource providers with rich courses that can be used alongside traditional K-12 education, that can be used by teachers, parents and students to reinforce lessons taught in the classroom. Specific systems for board exam preparations can also be provided.

Safe and user friendly

Learning management apps and web solutions that we build are user friendly. Content can be accessed on or on a PC or mobile device. They allow for the monitoring and curation of content so that it is suitable for younger students. It can also be designed to help parents and teachers monitor a student’s progress.

Subject-wise learning

Courses can be structured as per subjects, specializations, and regions and served to the relevant audience.

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Systems to help students improve their skills

Algorithms to analyse the patterns in mistakes commonly made by the student helps them work on their weak points and improve their understanding of concepts. The different learning styles of students can also be assessed through learning management software.

Allowing content creators to monetize their courses

Content creators can distribute their courses securely through online platforms in exchange for a fee, allowing them to earn an income for their efforts.

Security for content creators

Encryption of any content provided offline to prevent piracy and safeguard the earnings of content creators. We use a blockchain approach to share information securely.

Support for multiple languages

We can create LMS solutions that can impact learners across geographies so that it can be tailored to the local language and sensibilities.