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Pace Wisdom also utilizes the Zend framework in our application development process. Zend is defined as a collection of professional PHP packages with over one hundred million installations. Pace Wisdom as a Zend development company uses this framework to develop web applications and web services complementing the use of PHP 5.6+ as Zend provides object-oriented code using a broad spectrum of language features. What makes the Zend framework one of the preferred frameworks used by developers at Pace Wisdom is that it provides clean and stable code complete with intellectual property rights. Pace Wisdom has also understood that Zend makes programming and development easier. The framework is fast, easy to learn and convenient to configure. Additionally, Zend supports strong cryptography tools and password hashing techniques.

Areas of Zend Development at Pace Wisdom

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PHP Zend development company
  • Environment deployment and installation.

  • Developing customized E-commerce apps.

  • Customized development of portals with Zend.

  • Development of Zend web applications.

  • Stable web solutions with Zend.

  • Secure development of Zend apps.

Why does Pace Wisdom Recommend Zend?
  • Fully object oriented.

  • Provides seamless expansion for future projects.

  • Implementation of the flexible Model View Controller architecture.

  • Easy to deploy and maintain.

  • Code is extensible as well as well tested.

  • Decoupled nature makes for easy integration with other libraries such as Smarty and Symfony.

  • Presence of suitable standards and guidelines.

  • Supportive community and extensive documentation.

Advantages of The Zend Framework

Pace Wisdom adopted the Zend framework for its web application projects as it made the development process less complicated.
  • Zend can be used as a component library and components can be decoupled to a lage extent.

  • This framework also provides MVC components. MVC helps in isolating business logic from the user interface. HTTP requests are mapped to a particular function in the user land controller class.

  • Easily implementing front controller pattern with Zend.

  • Zend is advantageous for web and CLI development and is integrated with components that have an argument parsing functionality.

  • A comprehensive documentation functionality and reference guide is easily available for download.

  • There are several Zend forums and communities online, where many developers write blogs, review articles and share knowledge as well as useful tips on this robust Framework.

  • Zend has adopted industry best practices and this has resulted in generating high standard code. The components of Zend Framework are unit tested using PHP Unit (a PHP testing framework) and can be conveniently extended.

  • It is easy to install. You just need to download the code to your library directory and include it in your application. Many Linux distributions offer Zend Framework as a package from their repositories.

  • Zend helps application developers at Pace Wisdom to deliver cost effective, highly immersive and interactive web applications to our enterprise clients. The go to market time for the applications we deliver time is faster due to the reusability of code.

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