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This open-source Web application development framework or platform is applied in the development of a range of web based applications and coupled with a strong framework is best suited to develop cutting edge and custom applications. Pace Wisdom adopted the Yii framework as it helps us to deploy highly efficient PHP projects, written in PHP5, and as a Yii development company we also employ Yii to develop Web 2.0 applications. Pace Wisdom adopted Yii as as it encourages swift development with a small chance of flaws, and we must add that Yii applications are competent, extensible as well as easy maintenance. We also hold the opinion that rich functionalities, unbeatable speed and highly secure web applications, has certainly resulted in Yii being both user-friendly as well as a reliable PHP platform in today’s web development landscape.

Pace Wisdom is recognized for our Yii development expertise and we completely believe in Yii as as this open source PHP framework mainly supports a component based Model -View-Controller (MVC) architecture and is simultaneously complemented with an object oriented programming feature. Since the release of this PHP coding platform into the developer’s landscape, Yii has attempted to provide developers with application building capabilities as compared to related PHP frameworks.

Pace Wisdom provides cutting edge Yii development services for companies in India as well as abroad, delivering solutions for our clients that meet expectations and helps enterprises achieve their strategic objectives.

How Does Yii Differ? Graphical Representation

Yii has a variety of salient features such as:

  • Yii framework supports highly extensive automatic code generation.This implies that Yii applications developed on the Yii platform are based on the MVC model and Yii also allows developers to create objects and this framework reduces the need for repetitive SQL statements.

  • For enterprises who adopt the Yii framework, it has always been an accessory to ensure business success. As Yii is a high performance framework which loads easily and quickly, responsive themes and designs built using this framework add credibility to a website which converts to better business. Once a responsive application is developed, the inbuilt responsive design adjusts the application accordingly to the screen size of the device which allows users to focus on key goals of an enterprise without the usual framework problems.

Pace Wisdom Recommends Yii
Yii web development company

The reason for Pace Wisdom recommending switching to the Yii framework is obvious as enterprises are on the lookout for a web application framework which loads in no time and is secure and professional. On the other hand responsive design helps the ‘mobile first’ approach.

Pace Wisdom has also noticed that the Yii framework is both consistent and adds remarkable performance to responsive applications, attracting the attention of developers, coupled with the framework’s massive inclusion into application development across the globe.

Yii web development company

Advantages of The Yii Framework

Highly confidential secured core functionality

Enterprises are wary of online malpractice, and this is is countered with the security features of the Yii framework. Security upgrades improves the level of security for enterprise websites to retain and prevent XSS issues, SQL integration issues, cross-site scripting and cookie attacks from spiky viruses and codes. Pace Wisdom develops Yii projects as Yii provides excellent security for web based projects and prevents any database from hacking and virus attacks with the assistance of in-built high-security mechanisms.

Easy to configure

Yii offers enterprises with a convenient and simple installation process. Development experts at Pace Wisdom, know that the Yii framework is the ideal platform for web application development that allows them to follow the configuration process without hindrance. In addition, there is a lot of help such as tutorials, books and websites, to guide developers and provide detailed information on how to setup configuration and use the Yii framework.

Yii web development company
Impressive Growth

The Yii framework is both flexible and compatible based on current trends and is open to adopt the needs of a growing enterprise, as this framework can effectively handle heavy web traffic. Further, Yii provides our developers with powerful functionality and is a malleable tool for holistic web development.

Advanced Caching system

Yii is one of most significant factor offers a cache management system, which allows you to save both SQL/Active and static data records, reducing page loading time page. Additionally, this system ensures improved user experience and ultimately serves in retaining customers for an enterprise.

Yii web development company
Social media friendly

In a totally digital world, supported by social media platforms, marketing on these social platforms is becoming vital for enterprises to succeed in a digital environment.

Pace Wisdom understands that Yii as a platform offers direct access to APIs that formulate logical integration of social media modules, playing a vital role in positively impacting the global reach of your website.

Effective community support

Yii offers developers at Pace Wisdom a user-friendly and helpful community, which not only provides a supportive environment to the developers using the programming code. Yii helps our developers write reusable code and the community performs a vital role in resolving coding errors of project-related issues.

Yii web development company

Pace Wisdom is a Yii development company owed to the unique aspects of the Yii framework that makes it a valuable resource in building web applications and provides us with benefits to help your enterprise run efficiently and successfully.

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