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Symfony is a PHP framework containing vast repositories of code that is critical in assisting the efficient performance of database driven web applications, in addition to several tools that result in the automation of common tasks. Pace Wisdom developers understand that the Symfony framework follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) model and is completely Object Oriented. This implies that the code is organised, flexible, and extensible. Developers at Pace Wisdom are encouraged to follow patterns and best practices used in Symfony in their own code, thus improving the overall standard of coding.

On a technical level, within the Symfony framework developers have to specify the data model/structures which are needed for their applications in a special format called YAML, which allows database tables to be built and helps in the creation of all the classes needed to access and retrieve the data as objects along with basic templates and forms for viewing and entering the data. Symfony also has an admin generator, meaning it is capable of building a complete administration system for the data. The amount of code written by the developer is minimised, and the development time is significantly reduced.

Features of Symfony

Symfony development company

Symfony has been designed to be fast and to favor performance.

Symfony development company
Ample Flexibility

Symfony is a framework with full stack, which means you can develop a complicated application with multiple functionalities.

Symfony development company

Reusable bundles in Symfony allow developers to change almost everything within Symfony, such as the core itself.

Why Pace Wisdom Prefers Symfony?

  • The Symfony framework is the best choice for businesses. It is compliant with most platforms, business libraries and infrastructure.

  • Pace Wisdom stepped into developing applications with Symfony since the quality of our web applications has grown steadily and the applications that have been launched are adaptable to changing business environment mainly due to reusable and testable code.

  • As a Symfony development company Pace Wisdom recommends using Symfony as there are many benefits to us as a software solutions enterprise as well as enterprises who have deployed our applications, underscored with the fact that the Symfony framework is an open source framework.

Symfony development company

Advantages of Symfony for Pacewisdom

  • Adhering to an MVC model and being a distinct object oriented language, the Symfony framework allows creating more testable code which can be reused by Pace Wisdom developers in the future, effectively saving a time and effort.

  • Configuring Symfony is simple since developers have to configure only specific aspects to the application. This framework includes a wide set of command line tools that are critical during project management and in the development process.

  • Symfony has an extensive cache system.

  • Larger web projects at Pace Wisdom require the use of the Symfony framework.

Symfony development company
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