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Scala runs within the Java Virtual Machine and provides developers at Pace Wisdom with a completely distinct approach to application development. Scala allows our developers to interact seamlessly with standard Java libraries while developing from a functionality standpoint. Initially, Scala was intended for writing complex back-end systems that are resource-heavy and use shared artifacts. However Scala as a web programming language has found more widespread uses. Scala was designed specifically to Python common programming patterns in a clear, elegant, to-the-point and in a type safe manner.

Why Pace Wisdom Recommends Scala?
  • Scala is Object-oriented

    The language promises be a pure object-oriented language, hence Classes, Types, Objects, Sub-Classing, Inheritance and other such traits are all its prominent features

  • Scala is Functional

    Scala is as functional as it is object oriented. There are a few favourite and highly preferred features like ‘nested functions’ as well as ‘high order functions’ which are supported by Scala.

  • Scala is Statically Typed and Is Extensible

    Scala is easy to extend, and Pace Wisdom developers understand the fact that development of specific applications need specific language extensions. Scala provides these extensions in the form of libraries.

  • Scala Interoperability with Java and .NET

    This is a highly useful feature enabling programing and interoperability with various other popular development software and codes.

Advantages of Scala

At Pace Wisdom, we have an expert team of expert developers who provide quality Scala development services. Scala is an acronym for scalable language and that the name itself is an implication of the fact that this language supports the development of scalable applications. Scala is an easy and rapidly iterated programming language, built over Java virtual machine, which makes the task of development quite simplistic, fast and static. It is just like some scripting language which has compact and concise syntax, whose generated code is on par with Java. An interesting benefit that web developers at Pace Wisdom have recognized is that in Scala errors and problems are detected at the time of compilation, rather than at the deployment phase.

Scala web development services

Scala is Both Concise and Readable

Scala shares many of the simple, readable syntax features of popular web programming languages like Ruby. Pace Wisdom has noticed that during the development process, Scala can often be written in a fraction of the number of lines required to write an equivalent function in Java. This certainly has a productivity benefit in allowing our developers to do more functional work in a given workday. As a consequence, fewer lines of code makes it convenient for testing, code review and debugging.

Easy to Learn

Scala bears resemblance to currently popular languages like Ruby and this is clearly advantageous, as it’s accessible syntax makes it relatively easy to learn, particularly when compared to elaborate languages like Java and C++.

Functional Features

Scala makes use of a lot of functional syntactic features that has gained popularity with developers at Pace Wisdom and the web programming language has convinced our developers to characterize Scala as a more functional language. A prime example is pattern matching, that allows for easy string comparisons. A second example is mixins, which allows functions to be included as part of a class definition, which potentially saves a lot of time by reusing code.

The novelty and accessibility of Scala as a web programming language has made it a popular choice with developers at Pace Wisdom. Web development languages like Scala are often flexible, innovative and highly scalable. For many enterprises, this could be just what is needed for their web application development needs. Pace Wisdom developers have also noticed that the decision to incorporate Scala is an dependent on the environment.

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