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Ruby on Rails or just Rails is a development tool which gives web developers at Pace Wisdom a framework and provides structure for written code. The Rails framework helps our developers to build websites and applications mainly because it abstracts and simplifies common repetitive tasks.

As an introduction, Rails is a framework written using Ruby, a programming language. Pace Wisdom has clearly understood that as Ruby is to Rails, just as PHP is to Symfony and Zend or as Python is to Django. As a Ruby on Rails application development company Pace Wisdom applies Ruby on Rails to projects as the elegance of Ruby exists in the concise nature of the language. One of key principles of Ruby on Rails development (henceforth ‘Rails’) is convention over configuration. This means that our developers do not spend time configuring files in order to set up, as Rails comes with a set of conventions which improve the speed of development and hence deployment into the marketplace.

Another vital feature of Rails is the focus on RESTful application design. REST an acronym for Representational State Transfer is a style of software architecture based around the client-server relationship. It encourages a logical structure within applications, which means they can easily be exposed as an API (Application Programming Interface). From the point of view of project managers at Pace Wisdom, the Ruby on Rails community advocate Agile web development, known to be an iterative development method, encouraging a collaborative and flexible approach, which is particularly well suited for web application development keeping in mind the fast evolving requirements of enterprises.

Ruby web development

Why Pace Wisdom Recommends Ruby on Rails?

  • The process of application development is much quicker when other frameworks and languages are taken into consideration, mainly due to the object-oriented feature of Rails and the colossal open source code base available to web developers.

  • Rails conventions allow for easy transition for developers between multiple Rails projects, as each project follows signature scripting and structural practices.

  • Rails is ideal for rapid application development (RAD), as this PHP framework ensures easy accommodation code edits.

  • The Ruby code is both readable as well as self-documenting. This assists our developers to increase productivity, as there is a decreased need to write out separate documentation, making it easier for other developers to pick up and continue developing existing projects.

  • Rails has helped our developers to remain focused on testing, and has good testing frameworks.

  • Rails and most of its libraries are open source

Advantages of Ruby on Rails

Pace Wisdom finds that Ruby on Rails provides our development team with a combination of ideal tooling, higher quality code libraries and a pragmatic approach to software development. Additionally, the Ruby community tends to have a higher calibre of engineers, who favour the responsible development process.

  • Tooling

    Rails consists of many tools that help our developers deliver solutions with efficient required features in a shorter timeframe. This platform contains a standard structure for web apps, where all the common patterns are inbuilt.

  • Libraries

    There's a RubyGem for a large variety of functions. They are all publicly available and easily integrated with application development projects.

  • Code Quality

    Pace Wisdom has found that the quality of Ruby code to be significantly higher than either PHP or NodeJS equivalents.

  • Test Automation

    The Ruby community is passionate about testing and test automation. We understand that this is critical to help deliver high quality software and is a major reason for the success of Ruby libraries.

  • Large Community

    Ruby communities are located all over the world and constant meets ensures this framework’s popularity as well as its potential to help developers makes it a choice coding language.

  • Responsible Developers

    Pace Wisdom has noticed that developers utilizing Ruby strictly adhere to the rules of responsible development.

  • Productivity

    Ruby is an eloquent and succinct language, which when combined with the plethora of third party libraries, enables developers at Pace Wisdom to integrate features quickly and it could just be that Ruby is one of the most productive programming languages around.

  • Next Generation

    Ruby on Rails seems to be the language of choice for a number of the popular online code schools which implies an increase of talented programmers joining the Ruby community over the coming years.

Pace Wisdom Projects with Ruby on Rails


Ruby is a simplistic modular programming framework, that makes is easy to integrate features with web based applications. A wide variety of supporting tool built into this scripting language allows for applications to function according to standard business requirements. Ruby features include support for uploads, updates, pricing algorithms and robust image processing.

Rich Content Delivery and Updates

If a website is focused on creating and distributing a large volume of reading material or the addition of audio or video files, Rails ensures fast and easy uploading procedures that make navigation easier for end users and website managers.

Social Networking

Rails offers plugins focused on resolving problems that relate to social media networking and membership websites.

Database Management

Rails is also a timely and cost effective way for website and web application development as it’s an innovative database model and customized technology solution.

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