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For Pace Wisdom, Python suggests a number of growing trends in software development. It is a very simple language surrounded by a wide array of add-on modules. Going back to 1991, Python is a relatively new programming language. From its inception Python was used to rapidly prototype applications that were to be deployed in one or more other languages. However, over the past few years, Python adoption has skyrocketed and this high level programming language has emerged as the developer’s favourite in the current software development landscape in addition to the language helping with infrastructure management and data analysis. Python has transformed into a major force in web application development and systems management and is a key driver behind the explosion in big data analytics and machine intelligence.

Why Does Pace Wisdom Recommend Python?

  • Open source project and supported by a worldwide community

  • Object-oriented language

  • Platform-independent along with a scripted language

  • Complete access to operating system API's

  • Supports integration of complex solutions from pre-built components

  • A dynamic language allowing more run-time flexibility than statically compiled languages

Pace Wisdom adopted Python as an accessory to our development capability since Python can be implemented to build high level solutions built up from other complete programs. This allows our developers to seamlessly integrate applications to create high-powered, highly-focused meta-applications. This kind of very-high-level programming is often attempted with shell scripting tools. Since the programming power in most shell script languages is severely limited, Python stepped in as a complete programming language, allowing a powerful combination of existing application programs and unique processing to be unleashed on the development world.

For developers at Pace Wisdom, Python is favourable as a scripting language as it includes the basic text manipulation facilities of Awk or Perl. It also extends these with extensive Operating System services and other equally useful packages.
Lastly, Python includes a few additional data types and an readable syntax than many other scripting languages. Python as a programming language, has several layers of program organization. The Python package is a broad organizational unit as it is a collection of modules. Analogous to the Java package, the Python module, is certainly the next level of grouping.

Pace Wisdom Python Solutions

General application programming

Command Line Interface (CLI) as well as cross-platform compatible Graphic User Interface (GUI) applications use Python as a foundation and may be launched as ‘self-contained executables’.

Data science and Machine Learning

Sophisticated data analysis is fast becoming a disruptive area of IT and one of Python’s most preferred use cases. A vast majority of libraries used for data science or machine learning consist of Python interfaces, making the language a popular high-level command interface for machine learning libraries and related numerical algorithms.

Web services and RESTful APIs

Pace Wisdom has observed that Python’s native libraries and third-party web frameworks provide a quicker and convenient way of creating multiple solutions ranging from simple REST APIs in a few lines of code, to high level, data-driven websites. Python’s latest versions have powerful support for asynchronous operations, allowing sites to handle up to tens of thousands of requests per second with the right libraries.

Use in Metaprogramming

In Python, everything in the language is an object, including Python modules and libraries themselves. This allows developers at Pace Wisdom to use Python to work as a highly efficient code generator, ensuring the possibility to write applications that manipulate their own functions and contain a level of extensibility that would be difficult to achieve in other languages.

Used for Glue Code

Python code can also be utilized as ‘glue code’, enabling interoperability between disparate code components of an application.

Advantages of Python

The diverse application of the Python language in Pace Wisdom’s enterprise level software solutions, is a result of the combination of features which give this language a definite edge over other scripting languages.

  • Presence of Third Party Modules

    Consisting of a large storehouse of third party modules, the Python Package Index (PyPI) adds unique features to Python to help the code base interact with other scripted languages and frameworks.

  • Extensive Support Libraries

    Python consists of a large standard library that includes aspects such as internet protocols, string operations, web services tools and operating system interfaces. Pace Wisdom has understood that many ‘high use’ programming tasks have already been scripted into the standard library which reduces the need to write new code.

  • Open Source and Community Development

    Python language is developed under an OSI-approved open source license, which makes it free to use and distribute, including for commercial purposes. Additionally, Python development is fueled by the community which collaborates for its code through conferences and mailing lists, and builds the numerous Python modules.

  • Learning Ease and Support Available

    Excellent readability and uncluttered simple syntax helps developers to utilize this programming language extensively. The code style guidelines, PEP 8, provide a set of rules to facilitate the formatting of code for Python. A wide user base and active developers results in a rich internet knowledge reserve to encourage development and the continued adoption of the language.

  • User-friendly Data Structures

    Python has built-in ‘list’ and ‘dictionary’ data structures which can be integrated with current development projects to build fast runtime data structures. Subsequently, Python also provides the option of dynamic high-level data typing which reduces the quanta of support code that is needed.

  • Productivity and Speed

    With its clean object-oriented design, Python provides enhanced process control capabilities, and possesses strong integration and text processing capabilities along with an inbuilt unit testing framework. Pace Wisdom developers understand that all of these factors contribute to the increase in the speed and productivity of applications coded using Python.

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