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React.js is currently amongst the best JavaScript UI framework according to developers at Pace Wisdom. React.JS has a higher ‘rendering performance’ making it a preferred framework for application user interface development. There is often need for a comprehensive framework that helps building impressive application interfaces, and React.JS is just the right framework for this process. Both ‘data binding’ and ‘state management’ features make React.JS an ideal platform for Pace Wisdom as a React.JS development company, to build and deploy dynamic applications.

Developed by Facebook, this framework facilitates the integration of reusable, interactive and stateful UI components. Facebook uses this library in its daily production environment. In addition, the entire Instagram platform is based on React.JS. Developers at Pace Wisdom use React.JS as the ‘View’ aspect of the ‘Model-View-Controller’ model. The framework also enables a simple programming model and ensures improved performance of applications. With the syntax from the modern Javascript ECMA6 standards, React.JS is known to be an outstanding framework as it manages a virtual Document Object Model (DOM) as an updated DOM will be ‘re-rendered’ and developers can view changes easily and in real-time.

A Note on React.Js and React Native

Two years after the 2015 React.JS release, Facebook created React Native. While the React.JS library is built for use in creating web interfaces, React Native is a hybrid app-development framework for iOS and Android platforms. A promising aspect of React Native is that it inherits ReactJS principles and syntax.

All technical differences between them are caused by platform aims.

  • While ReactJS uses Virtual DOM to render browser code, React Native uses native APIs as a bridge to render components on mobile.

  • React Native doesn’t use HTML. Hence developers who have worked with React.JS before, you’ll have to get familiar with the React Native syntax.

  • Since React Native doesn’t use Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS), standard CSS-features like animation only run with special React Native APIs.

Why does Pace Wisdom Recommend React.JS?

  • Focused wholly on the ‘View’ of MVC, which represents the User Interaction development capabilities of React.JS.

  • While other frameworks such as Angular.JS, Ember.JS and Backbone.JS are referred to as client-side MVC frameworks React.JS is employed only to manage User Interaction.

  • Enabled with a Virtual DOM feature.

  • React is the fastest of the bunch. This framework tracks differences in his in-memory cache and use these differences to update the DOM in browser, which is what gives him the boost.

  • Data Binding and JSX Enabled

  • React.JS is enabled with one way data binding implying that changes in the user interface trigger messages signalling user intent and JSX, a syntax extension to JavaScript, that constitutes all React components.

Advantages of React.JS

  • Virtual DOM in ReactJS

    The team who built React.JS increased the speed of updates by using virtual ‘document object model’ (DOM). React.JS is different from related frameworks that work with the Real DOM, as it uses its abstract copy, the Virtual DOM. This helps in updating small changes made by a user, without impacting other parts of the application interface. This is attributed to components isolation and a special data structure in the React.JS library.

  • Permits Reuse of Code Components

    An added advantage that Facebook introduced with React.JS was to provide developers with the ability to reuse code components of a different level anytime, which is vital in saving time for Pace Wisdom developers, during application development.

  • Easy Management

    Managing updates is convenient for developers who build interfaces with React.JS owing to the isolation of components and this indicates that changing one component will not affect other components. This allows Pace Wisdom developers to reuse components which makes programming phase accurate and stress-free for developers.

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