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Pace Wisdom enlists the use of jQuery Mobile to power our cutting edge applications developed to adapt to the spectrum of screen sizes. Numerous types of easily styled and enhanced form elements come in-built with jQuery Mobile, such as the slider, checkbox and radio sets, search input and select menus. Also, each of these form elements is complemented with a 'mini' version ideal for inserting into header and footer elements during the development phase.

jQuery Mobile also consists of widgets such as persistent toolbars, buttons, dialogs and a popup widget, which allows developers to add a ‘pop-up’ to the interface with various types of content. Additional widgets are integrated with newer versions of jQuery Mobile enabled with touch-friendly features, which function across a large number of devices and browsers.

In brief, jQuery's mobile strategy can be interpreted as a framework that is a unified user interface system that functions seamlessly across popular mobile devices and platforms. jQuery Mobile is built on jQuery and the jQuery User Interface foundation. The focus with this user interface framework, is on a feature-rich yet lightweight codebase built on constant innovations that enhance applications with a flexible, theming system and the unique ‘ThemeRoller’ tool.

Complete with an Ajax navigation system, jQuery Mobile makes animated page transitions possible along with a wide range of UI widgets

Jquery app development
  • Pages

  • Dialogs

  • Toolbars

  • Listviews

  • Buttons with icons

  • Form elements

  • Accordions

  • Collapsibles

Developers at Pace Wisdom, a jQuery Mobile development company, ensure that all pages of an enterprise level application built using jQuery Mobile, are built on a foundation of ‘semantic HTML’ to establish compatibility with a web-enabled device. In devices that interpret CSS and JavaScript, jQuery Mobile helps Pace Wisdom developers to apply ‘progressive enhancement techniques’ to transform low level web pages into rich, interactive experiences by taking advantage of the power of jQuery and CSS. Accessibility features defined by the W3C Consortium, such as Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) are closely integrated throughout this framework to provide support for screen readers and related assistive technologies.

Why Does Pace Wisdom Recommend jQuery Mobile?

  • Built on a jQuery core for familiar and consistent jQuery syntax, leveraging jQuery UI code and patterns.

  • Compatible with mobile, tablet, e-reader and desktop platforms - iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Nokia/Symbian, Windows Phone 7, MeeGo, Opera Mobile/Mini, Firefox Mobile, Kindle, Nook and all modern browsers

  • Lightweight size and minimal image dependencies for speedy performance.

  • Modular architecture helping in the creation of customized builds.

  • HTML5 Markup-driven configuration of pages and behavior enabling quicker development and lesser scripting.

  • Progressive enhancement approach ensures core content and functionality to all mobile, tablet and desktop platforms and a rich, native application experience on newer mobile platforms.

  • Responsive design techniques and tools allow the same underlying codebase to automatically adapt to smartphones and desktop-sized screens alike.

  • Ajax-powered navigation system enabling animated page transitions while maintaining back button, bookmarking and clean URLs via pushState.

  • Accessibility features like ‘WAI-ARIA’ are integrated to ensure that pages work for screen readers and related ‘assistive’, ‘adaptive’, and ‘rehabilitative’ technologies.

  • Touch and mouse event support streamlines the process of supporting touch, mouse and cursor based input methods with a simple API.

  • Unified UI widgets enhance native controls with touch-optimized, ‘themable’ controls that are platform independent.

  • Powerful theming framework and the ThemeRoller platform enable branded applications to be easily developed.

Jquery app development

Advantages of JQuery Mobile

  • Handles cross-platform and cross-device (iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and other platforms) issues reducing the need for writing code for specific devices, resolution or platforms.

  • Helps pages to adapt to various Android devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.

  • Create custom themes for interface enhancements using ThemeRoller

  • Uses HTML5 and JavaScript for development.

  • Easy to create custom pages

  • Easy to add collapsible menus

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