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Express.JS is a prebuilt Node.JS framework that assists Pace Wisdom developers in building and deploying ‘server-side’ web applications to run faster and smarter!
Simplicity, minimalism, flexibility, scalability are distinct characteristics of Express.JS. This framework built within Node.JS has surely acquired the latter platform’s performance.

Express.JS also has the distinction of being the ‘E’ in the ‘MEAN’ stack (MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS, Node.JS). For Pace Wisdom as an Express.JS development company

ExpressJS does for Node.JS what Bootstrap does for HTML or CSS and responsive web design. It makes coding and application development in Node.JS simpler and provides our developers with features to extend server-side coding.

Express.JS is used by an overwhelming majority of Node.JS web servers as a core or base framework which powers other complex frameworks such as Loopback, Sails, Feathers, etc.

  • 1

    It provides convenient, basic web-server creation/routing tools, which is vital for bare-bones Node.JS.

  • 2It uses flexible, modular middleware pattern, where special middleware modules or functions are utilized to process multiple requests.

  • 3It is friendly to functional programming and employs Node.JS core concepts such as Event-emitters, Asynchronous flow and Streams.

ExpressJS is one of the most preferred Node.JS framework and the framework has established itself such that when most developers refer to NodeJS they surely imply ‘NodeJS & ExpressJS’.

ExpressJS is one of the most well known packages founded on the Node.JS framework.

Why Does Pace Wisdom Recommend Express.JS?

  • Express.JS provides our developers all the tooling they need to develop HTTP servers.

  • Express.JS provides developers access to incoming as well as outgoing Web traffic, but stops short of enforcing an object relational mapping, database, or templating engine.

  • Express.JS components can be easily obtained for a range of project needs. Instead of being locked into a particular style of templating, Express.JS will function alongside ‘Handlebar.JS’, ‘Jade’, ‘EJS’ (Embedded JavaScript Templates) and related frameworks.

  • Express.JS ensures convenience with data storage as well. Using a Node.JS module called Mongoose, developers can attach MongoDB to an Express.JS app.

  • Developers can plug ‘Redis’, ‘SQL’, ‘Postgres’, industry leading server side technologies, into an application with just a layer of abstraction.

  • Express.JS can be configured by our developers to the exact needs of their application projects, by adding and removing components in the framework.

  • Pace Wisdom developers can build and deploy everything from ‘static-content servers’ to’ ‘RESTful APIs’ to full ‘Model-View-Controller’ (MVC) frameworks to lean lightweight microservices. The minimalism and versatility of Express.JS comes to the fore here.

  • Express.JS provisions start from small and progresses to high level environments, but what it does best is to lay the foundation for all Web traffic.

Additionally, Express provides more control during the development stage of our projects. It follows the principles of minimalism and allows developers to decide on how they will build new applications.

Advantages of Express.JS

  • 1

    Node.JS web application development becomes fast and easy.

  • 2

    Simple to configure and customize.

  • 3

    Easily define routes of an application based on HTTP methods and URLs.

  • 4

    Various middleware modules are included which can be used to perform additional tasks on request and response.

  • 5

    Easily integrates with different template engines such as Jade, Vash, EJS etc.

  • 6

    Allows developers to define an error handling middleware.

  • 7

    Easy to serve static files and resources of an application.

  • 8

    Assists developers in building REST API servers.

  • 9

    Easily connects with databases such as MongoDB, Redis, MySQL and so on.

To summarize, Express is one of the most polished and feature-rich Express frameworks available. On the support aspect, Express is backed by a thriving community, first-class extensions, and an refined API. Pace Wisdom adopted Express for web based development projects as it comes ready with multiple benefits like fast templates, strong WSGI features, thorough unit testability at both the web application and library level and extensive documentation.

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