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At Pace Wisdom, we have employed Angular.JS as a structural framework to construct dynamic web applications for your enterprise. This framework allows our developers to utilize HTML as a template language and it provides the extension of the HTML syntax to allow a clear and concise expression of an application’s components. A few salient features of Angular.JS such as data binding and dependency injection helps developers in reducing the quanta of code that is written. Functions of Angular.JS are all contained within the browser environment, making this framework the perfect partner to server side technology, and as an Angular.JS development company we highly recommend Angular.JS to our enterprise clients.

Pace Wisdom developers have also understood that impedance mismatches, technical issues related to database management and application frameworks, between dynamic applications and static documents are resolved with Angular.JS attributes such as libraries (JQuery) and its association to related frameworks (Durandal, Ember.JS).

Additionally to, Angular.JS takes a unique stance to counter impedance mismatch by creating new HTML constructs. Developers also utilize the capability of Angular.JS to introduce new syntax to the browser through constructs called directives which include:

  • Data binding.

  • DOM (Document Object Model) control structures to manage DOM fragments.

  • Form and form validation support.

  • Configuring new behavior to DOM elements such as ‘DOM on-event handlers.

  • Grouping HTML into reusable components.

Angular.JS is opinionated with regards to how a ‘CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)’ application is developed. However
the framework allows for opinions to be easily altered by our developers.

Why Does Pace Wisdom Recommends AngularJS?

Angular.JS is a platform which simplifies the process of creating efficient applications by providing a greater level of abstraction for developers at Pace Wisdom.

Angularjs development services
  • Powerful JavaScript based development framework allows for the development of RICH Internet Application (RIA).

  • Provides developers with options to code for client side applications (using JavaScript) in an MVC (Model View Controller) pattern.

  • Cross-browser compliant applications as Angular.JS easily handles JavaScript code relevant to specific browsers.

  • Automatic synchronization of data between model and view components.

  • Equipped with multiple built-in services to make a ‘XMLHttpRequests’ which are ‘singleton’ objects instantiated only in the app environment.

  • Contains Directives as markers on DOM elements (such as elements, attributes, css, and more).

  • Allows deep linking so that our developers can encode the application state in the URL as this helps the application to be restored from the URL to the same state.

  • Dependency injection subsystem helps developers by making applications simple to develop, understand, and test.

Advantages of Angular.JS

  • This framework is founded upon open source scripting language with minimal impediments to development.

  • Angular.JS maintains and synchronizes data and presentation layers and this helps our developers to avoid excessive coding in JavaScript to synchronize the data in HTML and the data layer.

  • It is a framework that manages routing implying that this feature is fundamental to single page applications. This feature allows developers to move different functionalities in a web application based on user interaction, but have users remain on one page.

  • Supports both unit testing as well as integration testing methods.

  • Allows for the extension of HTML through constructs known as directives. Directives are markers on a DOM element (such as an attribute, element name, and comment or CSS class) help extend the functionality of existing HTML elements to boost web application performance.

A Note on Angular 4.0

Google initiated a major transition for the Angular framework when it introduced Angular 4.0 in March 2017. Angular 4.0 is backward compatible with Angular 2.0 and the latest version enables higher levels of efficiency in mobile and desktop application development.

A few features that make Angular 4.0 the preferred JavaScript framework for Pace Wisdom developers to deploy in the current application development environment:

Angularjs development services
  • In built with an advanced view engine.

  • Boosting application development with reduced bundle size.

  • Compatibility with TypeScript 2.1 and TypeScript 2 results in better type checking.

  • Unique animation package integrated to Angular 4.0 helps application developers to reduce code size.

In addition to these benefits, from here on it has been accepted to call any version of the JavaScript framework as ‘Angular’ without the requirement of the version suffix.

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