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JavaScript: Method Behind the Precision

Two major elements of JavaScript


Blocks of JS code that run on command and ‘statements’, which are instructions that are executed by the browser. All of the ‘code’ in JS is a string of statements that are executed in order.


Core principal of JavaScript. All elements in the JS environment are objects, and all objects have variables or ‘properties’ and ‘methods’.

JavaScript Engines

Pace Wisdom utilizes JavaScript to build and deploy enterprise oriented web solutions as JavaScript is a high-level programming language indicating that it is a readable, flexible, and easier to implement than a coding language like ‘C’.

However, JavaScript needs to be compiled to native machine code in order to enable computer systems to be able to read and execute the code. This is where the significance of the JavaScript engine becomes evident and the definition of the engine as a ‘process virtual machine assisting hardware in interpreting, compiling, and executing JavaScript code.

  • JavaScript V8: Google Chrome, Opera

  • Node.js

  • SpiderMonkey: Mozilla Firefox

  • JavaScriptCore: Safari

  • Chakra: IE, Edge

Developers at Pace Wisdom have understand that a JavaScript engine provides JS with essential components needed to run on a browser, such as an interpreter, a compiler, and a runtime environment.

JavaScript Frameworks

While developing cutting edge JS applications for your enterprise, Pace Wisdom takes the help of JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks consolidates complicated commands into well structured chunks of JavaScript code to ensure quick and easy solution developement for our developers.

Javascript web services & solutions

jQuery An extremely popular and highly preferred JavaScript library among developers, with a ‘code less, function more’ framework philosophy that helps jQuery maintain uniform performance across multiple browsers.

Javascript web services & solutions

AngularJS A robust, oriented towards desktop apps and apt for data-heavy sites, the AngularJS framework provides a much needed module-based structure for building complicated applications easily

Javascript web services & solutions

Backbone.js Lightweight JS framework that’s a ‘pared-down’ alternative to full-featured frameworks.

Javascript web services & solutions

Bootstrap: A mobile-first framework using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to facilitate rapid responsive app development.

Javascript web services & solutions

Ember.js Lightweight JS framework Ember has been used by sites to increase site performance. Ember is equipped with a built-in data module and template engine.

Javascript web services & solutions

Meteor JS Open-source, real-time framework, built on top of Node.js and works closely with MongoDB.

Javascript web services & solutions

Node.js Server-side development environment designed to use JavaScript to build back-end applications with its own components such as frameworks, task-runners and plugins.

Javascript web services & solutions

Express.js Server-side JavaScript framework running on the Node.js platform.

Javascript web services & solutions

Koa.js Next-generation framework for Node.js following in the footsteps of Express.js.

Javascript web services & solutions

Prototype Framework with a built-in API making common JS tasks streamlined to code.

Javascript web services & solutions

MooTools A JS framework with an API which streamlines common tasks and which includes effects and animation.

Javascript web services & solutions

ReactJS Facebook’s JavaScript library excellent for building the user interface of web applications.

Javascript web services & solutions

React Native A mobile library used to build a natively rendered user interface for mobile applications.

JavaScript Development Tools

One of major strengths of JavaScript as Pace Wisdom developers have pointed out is that this language does not require expensive development tools. Our developers can initiate a project with a text editor such as Notepad. Additionally, since JS is an interpreted language inside the context of a web browser, a compiler is not a necessity during the development phase.

Javascript web services & solutions

Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft released a popular HTML editor called FrontPage that provides web developers at Pace Wisdom with a number of JavaScript tools to assist in the creation of interactive websites.

Javascript web services & solutions

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, is popular for being a HTML and JavaScript editor in the professional web development world, that provides prebuilt JavaScript components. Dreamweaver also integrates well with databases and conforms to new standards such as XHTML and XML.

Javascript web services & solutions

Macromedia HomeSite 5

Macromedia released HomeSite 5, an HTML and JS based editor that helps in the effective management of personal websites.

Why does Pace Wisdom Recommend JavaScript?

One of major strengths of JavaScript as Pace Wisdom developers have pointed out is that this language does not require expensive development tools. Our developers can initiate a project with a text editor such as Notepad. Additionally, since JS is an interpreted language inside the context of a web browser, a compiler is not a necessity during the development phase.

  • Browser Support

    To use JavaScript plugins are not a requirement. This is because all browsers have accepted JavaScript as a scripting language and provide integrated support for the JS code. All Developers need to handle a few of the tasks dependent on DOM (Document Object Model) of different browsers.

  • Client Side & Server Side

    As JavaScript has access to the Document Object Model of various browsers, developers at Pace Wisdom can change the structure of web pages at runtime. Owing to this, JavaScript can be used to add different effects to webpages. Also, JavaScript is implemented on the server side and as an example, in ‘Alfresco’ which is an open source enterprise content management system, JavaScript is used in creating webscripts. This makes adding custom tasks to Alfresco simpler for our developers.

  • Functional Programming Language

    In JavaScript, function could be assigned to variables just like any other data types. Clearly, this gives developers the ability to code in a ‘functional programming style’.

  • Support for Objects

    JavaScript is an object oriented language. However, the way JavaScript as a language handles objects and inheritance differs from related object oriented programming languages like Java. Hence, JavaScript supports most of the object oriented concepts while being simple to learn and implement.

These are a few features that give JavaScript the ability to handle simple user interface based as well as complex server side tasks. Due to these characteristics JavaScript has remained as a popular programming language quite some time now. It is also the preferred coding language for developers who are inclined toward knowing computer programming as JavaScript supports object oriented as well as function concepts.

Advantages of JavaScript

  • Javascript web services & solutions

    JavaScript is quick as it is a client-side code with functions that can be executed promptly without the delay associated with communicating with servers.

  • Javascript web services & solutions

    JavaScript is relatively simple to learn and implement.

  • Javascript web services & solutions

    JavaScript gels well with other coding languages and can be used in multiple applications. JavaScript can also be used inside scripts written in other languages such as Perl and PHP.

  • Javascript web services & solutions
    Server Load

    Being client-side JavaScript reduces the demand on the website server.

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