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The mobile device landscape is quickly being populated with a host of applications and this is due to diminished development lifecycles and optimized application functionalities. Application developers at Pace Wisdom deploy React Native as a framework to create real applications, using only JavaScript and React scripts as a foundation. With the dominance of iOS and Android there is increased demand for application developers to create cross platform, enterprise grade applications with optimized user interfaces and better performance and the React Native framework helps developers to meet and exceed these demands. Another value add with React Native is the ease of deploying native as well as hybrid applications with multi device functionality.

Why does Pace Wisdom Recommend React Native?

Support for Android and iOS Platforms

React Native supports application development on either iOS or Android platforms. React Native is a community driven framework that was initially developed by Facebook to support applications in the iOS environment, but with a host of dedicated developers the framework was extended to provide support to Android applications as well.

Powering Apps to Render Natively

The component rich React Native framework allows developers to build apps that feature a flexible, web-based approach as compared to hybrid application frameworks, with lower dependency on elements like WebView. Applications developed with React Native function on the same lines as native applications with components that add parallel user interface and functional features on both Android as well as iOS apps.

Upgrade Existing Apps Easily

React Native helps developers to upgrade existing applications to current versions by adding to the existing codebase of a native or hybrid mobile application.

Popularity as a JavaScript Framework

A good understanding of JavaScript is necessary to understand the React Native framework. Integrated with React Native are debugging, styling and deployment support to launch applications in the iOS or Android app stores.

User Interface All The Way

React Native results in responsive and fluid interfaces owing to JavaScript interactions with the native platform. Smooth application performance and quick loading are definite advantages.

Efficient Native App Development

React Native allows for enhanced productivity as this framework supports quick and agile application development with elements that improve app performance via Document Object Module (DOM) abstraction in addition to other simplified coding techniques.

Third Party Plugin Support

React Native framework is steadily rising as a preferred framework for mobile applications development as an increased number of 3rd party plugins assist in the development of an effective end product for both iOS and Android platforms.

Advantages of React Native


A strong community that started off as a Hackathon effort in 2013 supports the React Native framework. Dedicated JavaScript developers across the world consistently provide updates to the framework.

Code Reuse = Cost Saving

Code reuse in addition to React Native components allows enterprises to save on costs with the added advantage of the framework supporting the deployment of mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms.

Hot and Live Reload

Changes made while coding mobile applications can be immediately observed in the application environment owing to the Hot Reloading as well as Live Reload capabilities integrated with the React Native framework.

Boosting Mobile App Performance

React Native is oriented towards taking assistance from a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) when compared to the Central Processing Unit (CPU) dependency of native applications. This JavaScript framework also helps in speedy and accurate application functioning.

Modular and intuitive architecture similar to React

The modular and intelligent interface integrated with React Native adds flexibility to the development process allowing different teams to handle application development.

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