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SQLite is defined as an in-process library that is combined with an embedded SQL database engine. SQLite varies from other SQL databases in that SQLite functions as a serverless, zero configuration system allowing processes to read and write on to normal disk files. Equipped with a format with cross-platform compatibility, this database can easily be deployed on 32-bit and 64-bit systems or between various software architectures. The primary aim of SQLite is to provide a localized data storage mechanism for applications and devices. Pace Wisdom deploys SQLite as this database management system is focused on economy, efficiency and simplicity, in addition to the robust reliability associated to SQLite.

Sqlite database management

The Right Step taken by Deploying SQLite

  • DB lookups on the Android platform with SQLite are faster.

  • Content stored in an SQLite database is more likely to be recoverable decades in the future even after all traces of the original application have been lost.

  • Loading content from SQLite is faster than loading content from individual files.

  • Small edits made to the database overwrite parts of the file with changes and not the entire file, thus improving the overall performance.

  • Android-databases created on the Android platform are visible only to the application that created them.

  • SQLite ts optimized to work well with devices with limited memory and power.

Why Does Pace Wisdom Recommend SQLite?

  • The SQLite database requires little administration and performs well on devices that operate with little human support.

  • SQLite is ideal as the database engine for almost all websites with low to medium traffic.

  • Database administrators have observed that many third-party access programs may be integrated with SQLite to help in the analysis of large datasets.

  • The SQLite database management system comes with the added advantage of easy installation and simple handling.

  • Numerous applications incorporate SQLite as a cache of relevant content from an enterprise RDBMS, which prevents latency and queries can occur on the local cache.

  • Developers have understood that SQLite is a quick SQL database engine as it’s a zero-configuration database that functions as a local database. Concurrency is also improved by a feature called database sharding, implying the use of different database files for various subdomains.

  • An SQLite database provides enhanced flexibility since it is integrated with features that allow for the addition of columns and indices without the need to recode queries.

  • Simple setup and operation makes SQLite a preferred database engine for use in training people in SQL.

  • The simple, modular design of SQLite makes it a good platform for prototyping upcoming database language features and concepts.

Advantages of SQLite

Staying unique from other relational database management systems, SQLite is low maintenance and being zero-configuration makes SQLite a beneficial and preferred database system.

Reverse Compatibility

SQLite databases are developed with backward compatibility allowing the read/write process to take place either on the previous version of a database or on a more current version.


SQLite databases allow for the storage of the entire database and related data in a single file type in the host file system.

High Performance

SQLite databases are light on configuration and this platform ensures quick response and efficient functionality.


All transactions made on an SQLite database follow the Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability (ACID) property that ensures transactions even in case of power outages and so on.

Cross Platform

SQLite databases can be effectively deployed across multiple platforms.

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