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Pace Wisdom database administrators agree that the Oracle Database is a leading enterprise grade database. In addition to the database, the Oracle Database Cloud service database platform offering from Oracle that combining capabilities such as:

  • application development

  • instant application deployment

  • RESTful Web Service access

  • Easily installed packaged applications

With its foundation as the Oracle Database, the Oracle Database Cloud platform is equipped with the capacity of traditional Database systems, but also provides additional capabilities in a fully managed service package in terms of Cloud computing. Even though the Oracle Database Cloud platform resides in the Oracle Database framework, the Cloud variant is more oriented towards being offered to enterprises as a ‘Platform-as-a-Service’ (PaaS) solution rather than a ‘Database-as-a-Service’ (DBaaS) solution.

Pace Wisdom provides enterprises with traditional as well as Cloud based Oracle solutions. The deployment of Cloud computing database solutions is under multiple categories such as

Oracle mobile cloud services
Oracle mobile cloud services
Oracle mobile cloud services
Oracle mobile cloud services

Why does Pace Wisdom Recommend Oracle Database Management?

The Oracle database system is designed to manage large volume of data. There is also added support for client side server architecture for many users to access the database. As Pace Wisdom is an Oracle database solutions company we have adopted this platform as it has a few important features as elaborated

  • Basically this database management system features client-server architecture.

  • Depending on the operating system Oracle enables a multitasking, multi-user behavior and parallel access to data.

  • Can act as spatially distributed system.

  • Supports all the main network protocols and operating systems.

  • Supports all phases of software and application development.

  • Cooperates with major interpreters and development environments.

  • Manages practically arbitrary amount of data (with varying efficiency, though).

  • Guarantees 24/7 availability and secure day to day operation.

  • Provides high-level data security, integrity and consistency.

  • Enables storing complex structures (objects, multimedia data, procedures).

  • Provides advanced system administration by using Oracle Management Server and related Agents, implying that an arbitrarily sized database-pool administration or remote supervision can be conducted using the Enterprise Management Console.

  • The Oracle database systems is also supported by reliable product support for enterprise customers.

Oracle mobile cloud services

Pace Wisdom can help enterprises of varying sizes

Oracle mobile cloud services
Oracle mobile cloud services
Oracle mobile cloud services
Oracle mobile cloud services

Advantages of Oracle Database Management

Hardware & Network Portability

The Oracle database management system can be configured such that it can accommodate a spectrum of platforms, and this translates into approximately a hundred hardware platforms and about twenty networking frameworks.

Unparalleled Market Presence

Oracle as a database management solution provider is one of the largest and reputed RDBMS providers and Oracle is also known to focus more resources both manpower as well as financially, for research and development.

Version Changes & Compatibility

The Oracle database system is constantly upgraded as and when there are new innovations. These version changes do not affect the the syntax or functions of previous versions as there is backward compatibility allows for legacy syntax and functions to operate alongside newer functions from latest versions.

Backup, Recovery & Archiving

Oracle provides comprehensive support for both data backup and recovery options. Another vital function is the fault tolerance capabilities of the database management system in case of hardware failure. Oracle databases are also archived and this procedure enables point-in-time recovery of data.

Multiple Database Support

Oracle has the capability to handle numerous databases within transactions using a two-phase commit protocol (also called atomic commitment).

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