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MySQL is one of the most recognized Open Source Relational SQL Database Management System. As an MySQL development company Pace Wisdom developers deploy MySQL as this RDBMS platform seamlessly integrates with multiple web based applications.

The MySQL database provides the following features:

  • Sturdy performance coupled with high scalability meets the enterprise needs such as exponential data input and output loads and numerous user accounts.

  • MySQL comes ready to handle outages with synchronous data replication and self-healing clusters to assist scalability and platform availability.

  • Both Performance Schema and Online Schemas are in built to analyze database performance, resource consumption and supports enterprise scalability.

  • MySQL has SQL and NoSQL Access and supports complex queries and simpler, quicker Key Value operations.

  • Platform independence provides our developers with added flexibility of deploying completed projects on various operating systems.

  • MySQL is used as operational data storage for Big Data interoperability features allowing multiple teams across an enterprise to collaborate and be innovative with solutions such as Hadoop (for Big Data analytics) and Cassandra (a database management system).

Why Does Pace Wisdom Recommend MySQL?

Pace Wisdom has depended on MySQL as a database management platform as it is a reliable, and easy to operate RDBMS that reinforces data operations for both small and big enterprises.

  • The platform can be utilized with an open-source license.

  • This database management platform has the capability to handle functionalities of advanced database packages.

  • The use of SQL as the standard coding language for operations.

  • MySQL maintains optimal performance on multiple operating systems along with supporting many scripting languages such as PHP, PERL, C, C++ and JAVA.

  • Ability to support large data sets.

  • The MySQL platform is fully customizable as the GNU General Purpose Public License assists our developers to modify the software to suit the demanding enterprise data requirements.

  • Pace Wisdom also works on MariaDB, which is the drop in replacement for MySQL and forked out of MySQL code base.

Microsoft sql server database development

Advantages of MySQL

Data Security

MySQL is preferred by database administrators at Pace Wisdom as it is renowned as a secure and reliable database management system deployed in web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla in addition to Facebook and Twitter. Data security and transactional processing accompany the current version of MySQL providing multiple benefits to enterprise data management and analysis.

On-Demand Scalability & Flexibility

This database management platform is highly scalable and this feature facilitates the management of deeply embedded applications using a smaller memory footprint even for large data warehouses. Another preference for database administrators is the ‘On-demand flexibility’ of MySQL. This platform allows full customization to cope with unique enterprise level database server requirements.

Maximized Performance

Equipped with a stable ‘storage-engine framework’ allows MySQL to assist Pace Wisdom database administrators to configure the MySQL database ensuring impeccable performance. MySQL is developed to handle demanding applications with the added advantages of speed, full-text indexes and unique memory caches for maximum performance.

Lack of Downtime

MySQL is enabled with specially designed ‘cluster servers’ and ‘master/slave replication configurations’ that safeguard operations and provides 24X7 uptime.

Full Fledged Transactional Support

Features such as complete ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) & multiple version transaction support and unrestricted row-level locking makes MySQL to be the endorsed by database administrators for full data integrity. It guarantees timely deadlock identification via server-enforced referential integrity, ensuring data to remain synchronized during updates.

Complete Workflow Control

This database management system is on full usability mode from installation onwards mainly due to less time taken to download and install the solution. Whether developers are working on Linux, Microsoft, Macintosh or UNIX platforms, MySQL is a holistic solution equipped with self-management features to facilitate the automation of multiple functions ranging from space configuration and mapping to database design and administration.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Pace Wisdom recommends the migration of databases to MySQL as enterprises can benefit from saving costs on projects. Dependability coupled with the ease of data management in MySQL ensures lesser time spent on troubleshooting.

Microsoft sql server database development
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