Microsoft sql server database development

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Pace Wisdom employs MSSQL owing to attributes such as ease of development and integration with the Windows operating system has made this database management system highly preferred by Pace Wisdom database administrators who aim at deploying and managing Windows based databases. Currently, Pace Wisdom uses MSSQL for both traditional as well as cloud based database solutions coupled with efficient business intelligence solutions.

MSSQL as a database management system helps Pace Wisdom to provide enterprises with ‘mission-critical’ applications combined with features like

Microsoft sql server database development


Microsoft sql server database development

Data warehousing

Microsoft sql server database development

In memory Online Transaction Processing for optimized performance

Microsoft sql server database development

Business intelligence & analytics

Why Does Pace Wisdom Recommend MSSQL?

Easy Installation

MSSQL is easily installed with the help of setup wizards and this software also helps this database management system to function effectively by providing regular updates. Individual components such as Database Services, Analysis Services and Integration Services can be installed separately. An added advantage is that MSSQL is configured to update security patches automatically to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Enhanced Performance

MSSQL incorporates transparent data encryption, which ensures that encryption with is only at the file level and not on the actual data. Effective user, access & permission management help Pace Wisdom database administrators (DBA) to securely manage data collection. Seamless integration with Azure and MS Office is also an added advantage.

Data Compression

The MSSQL database system has a database size limit of 10 GB. However, this database management system utilizes data compression to help reduce the overall size of the database. Data compression can also be applied to auxiliary (backup) and archived databases.

Enhanced Security

MSSQL has enhanced security features in terms of user authentication and strict access protection. These features are complemented by robust password management with regular prompts to update or add new passwords. Detection of non-compliant security policies is performed with MSSQL’s Policy-Based Management.

Reduced Ownership Costs

MSSQL comes equipped with cutting edge functional features at no additional costs such as:

  • Data compression

  • Server Reporting Services

  • Advanced Security Configurations

  • Data management

  • Disk partitioning

  • Data mining tools

Compatibility with Legacy Systems

Backward compatibility allows MSSQL to function seamlessly with SQL Server 2000 as well as 2005, hence reducing the need for hardware updates.

Advantages of MSSQL

Improved Visualization of your Data

Power View a software that can be incorporated with MSSQL provides excellent visualization of live data adding style to data visualization and improving data interactivity.

Improved Data Quality

MSSQL as a database management system can be configured with data cleaning procedures that ensure high data accuracy and reduced maintenance costs.

Excellent Performance

Pace Wisdom has recognized that MSSQL implements an improved query performance functionality.

Mission Critical Capability

Disaster recovery solutions integrated with MSSQL helps protect vital enterprise infrastructure. These solutions deliver maximum application availability and data protection, ensuring that enterprises can benefit from maximum application ‘uptime’, especially for mission critical workloads and reduces the need for planned as well as unplanned downtime.

Convenient Scaling with In House & Cloud Systems

Database administrators at Pace Wisdom notice that MSSQL has the proven agility to help build and scale applications as well as other software solutions either hosted on in house servers or on on a public cloud. This agility allows solutions to be built, deployed and managed from anywhere.

Microsoft sql server database development
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