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Android App Development in Bangalore

Android Application Developers

Android app development is more free and unbound by rules, we take advantage of this to implement innovative techniques to get a creative solution. Hey, don’t get us wrong, it’s not that we don’t like Ice-cream sandwiches or lollipops, we like them better on phones.


In terms of market reach, Android is miles ahead of all its competitors. With close to a billion users worldwide, The number of users have never been so high, and it’s only getting bigger. Android is not only your platform to take your app to a global level, but also for unprecedented market penetration. It is also incredibly easy to publish your app on Google Play Store.

That being said, this also means there are a huge number of wanna-be apps flooding the Store. That’s where Google’s robust search engine and our experience and knowledge in SEO for apps helps your app to be discovered in the ocean of apps.


When it comes to Android, the design aspect has been largely ignored and multiple screen sizes also adds to the difficulty. This is where we excel – Creating breathtakingly beautiful designs that flow across effortlessly across all Operating System versions, processor speeds, screen sizes and resolutions. With our expertise in UI and UX, your apps will always be Intuitive, engaging and enjoyable. Great designs mean greater visibility, helping you stand out from the crowd.


Though the development of Android apps are free from rules and its design is deemed as benighted, it is necessary to tie a knot through suitable technology. We being proficient in focusing on the prerequisites to meet both subjective and commercial needs, we hold the responsibility of choosing the right technology at right place to achieve it.

Our team is committed to chose upright backend technology out of Ruby on Rails, PHP / LAMP, Django, node.js etc, ensuring to deliver reusable, pluggable, interchangeable and scalable android apps.