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Managed Services

About Managed Services:

Pace Wisdom’s Managed Services is a niche proposition. We support our clients by being their extended wing to assist them in accomplishing Zero technical backlogs.
The managed services support system works like a clockwork ensuring assistance is provided in maintaining the IT infrastructure of our clients. At Pace Wisdom the process is well crafted to remotely manage the clients IT infrastructure which is under a subscription model and generally on a proactive basis.

We help in transparent and affordable billing

How are we different?

  • 1. We have a diligent process in place to handle service challenges raised by the clients
  • 2. Domain expertise in terms of hiring the right people for designated tasks.
  • 3. Ability to support remotely aiding the clients in a hassle-free workflow.
  • 4. Remote Health checks of the system to optimize functioning
  • 5. Effective Change Management Process.
  • 6. Scheduled maintenance.
  • 7. Experienced team with proven centralized patching.
  • 8. Intrinsic Alerts Handling Process.
  • 9. Proven ability to Defect Track & Detect Management.

We employ service engineers and use the right technological application to resolve multiple challenges simultaneously. Our USP is to give high values on key performance indicators like Code Quality, Testing Quality, Solution Availability, Solution Security and User Satisfaction.

Process & Protocols we follow:

  • 1. We use SCRUM to enhance functionality, such as improved productivity & quality leading to better ROI as the cost of investment is lower.
  • 2. We use DevOps to optimize quality and timely completion.
  • 3. With our experienced service engineers, we have created a center of excellence achieving top-notch results.
  • 4. Secured IP is our priority and security is our top-notch priority.
  • 5. We have a complete process of Management support system with account managers to resolve escalations and manage service teams.
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