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UI/UX Design & Development

UI/UX Design & Development services in Bangalore

Design is not just one of the ingredients that makes a great app, we believe design is the recipe. Design being the most noticeable aspect, it is important to craft the most intricate of details to even the most blatant ones. Our design is a complex process that results in pure simplicity. From iconography to typograph, proportions to ratios to choosing the right colours, when it comes to creating a smooth, easy and engaging user experience and user interface, no one does it like we do.

The design is in the details.

This stage defines the look and feel of the app, and we ensure it looks good and feels great. Design is the difference between a killer app and an app that kills itself in the market. Design is a visual language that first meets the eye. It transcends boundaries, and demographics, and is the most important stage in app development.

We focus on the essentials, right from making information architecture, wireframes, static screens, dynamics, seamless animations and transitions to finishing elements, branding, iconography and typography that are shaped and crafted to provide aesthetically pleasing and delightful user experience and interfaces, every single time.

Our design process


Good design starts with good research. Here we do a reality check to understand what’s yay and what’s nay.


Together, we solve problems and strategize on what needs to be done where and how.


Go ahead, raise the bars, we’ll explore ways that have never been explored before. A creative solution is never far off, and we do like a good challenge.

Flowchart and Wireframing

Next in the flowchart is, well… a flowchart. Here we map out what goes where, creating blueprint that shows detailed interactions and screens.


To get a first hand experience of things, we make interactive prototypes. Kinda like a demo, or a Version 0.1.


Consistency is key. We follow a styleguide to get consistent typography, colours, icons, and all things UI.


This is where we ensure our interfaces look clean and carry a bit of swagger along with it.

With a Cyborg-ian eye for details, we analyse and create beautiful designs that connects the customer with and soul. Conveying a story of craft, pixel by pixel.

UI/UX Design & Development services in Bangalore