"We were totally impressed with the team's patience and rigor they had set to do things right." Founder & CEO, CLTInternational Foundation Inc.

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Pangaea X: Data analyst recruitment platform

"We are a bootstrapped company and they understand our needs and budget." Product Owner, AgriApp Technologies Pvt Ltd

Full suite digital services for every industry vertical


Flaunch: Platform to solve real-world challenges

Data-driven enterprise transformation in the Digital

Make every datum count for actionable business and IT insights

Understand your customers, track market trends, improve service level performance, and predict outcomes. We help businesses leverage structured and unstructured data to make smarter operational decisions, create more engaging user experiences with Actionable Business Insights.

Custom BI Dashboards & Reporting

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Amid the data explosion in the digital world, gain access to real-time personalized dashboards that distill insights and help unlock value from your big data. Create intelligent reports or visualizations on an adhoc basis to create a robust decision support system.

Data Engineering Services

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Aggregate and glean data from enterprise and 3rd party data sources. Build a unified central data warehouse or repository that maintains data quality, and gives you access to the information you need. Design and develop data lakes that can deal with data of any size, shape, and speed.

Predictive Analytics

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Predictive analytics solutions leverage, analyze trends and patterns in data to predict outcomes. Test the hypotheses, identify potential risks and maximize your opportunities. Enhance value delivered by your product and service offerings

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

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Our team of data scientists and technologists combine artificial intelligence with natural language processing, image analytics, video analytics etc. to help businesses gain contextual insights and deliver personalized customer experiences and superior operational performance.

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E-Commerce & Retail Solution

StoreKing, a rural e-commerce app with offline capabilities

Primary solutions for the e-commerce industry include website and mobile apps, logistics and supply chain management, inventory management and tracking software, catalogue management tools, concierge services and loyalty programs.

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Healthcare & Pharma Solution

SmartRx Engage, a hospital connect solution to deliver personalized healthcare

Our digital healthcare portfolio stretches across apps for Medical Reps management, Online pharmacies, Analytics for Drug Inventory & Prediction, PatientDatabase/Monitoring Solutions, Hospital connect, Insurance Renewals and Claims settlements and hospitalStaff Management

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Logistics & Supply chain Solution

End-to-End platform for an Airport Luggage pickup and delivery service provider

Our range of solutions includes Container Tracking, Field Force Management & CRM, Inventory Management, Job & Labor Management, Order Management, Purchasing & Auctioning, Scheduling & Route Optimization, Shipping Management, Document Management

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Education Solution

DevOps Setup and Automation for an e-Learning Platform

We have built learning management systems that help with administration and delivery of courseware. We have also built software for e-learning and offline content distribution besides establishing a proper connection between school, parents and students.

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Hospitality & Real estate Solution

Planwheel, a weekend planner that allows users to discover events of interest

Digital solution for the hospitality industry include Websites & Mobile Apps, Digital Catalogues Customer engagement Apps, Information Brochures & Interactive Tools, Home & Office Construction Monitoring

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Use our data-driven approach to services for better customer engagement and operational efficiency