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Trica - Unified Platform

About the client

Trica is the brainchild of the parent company LetsVenture, founded in 2013. With a 3B$ portfolio value, it has raised 374M$ fund through 7500+ angel investors, since inception. Trica was launched with a mission to make private market investment and equity scalable for the general population.

With over 600 startups already under Trica’s wings, it has left an impression in the market as a technology rich and savvy platform for equity management and transactions. The ISO 27001 certified platform not only keeps the data secured and encrypted but also consolidates every equity transaction under a single manageable bracket.


Trica needed to unify all the stakeholders under a single umbrella management. This includes every client from ESOP holders to family offices. A range of versatile ESOP management products and cap tables were essential to build an Unified Platform.

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We decided to provide individual elective solutions to each sector and finally consolidate it all under a single platform.

Trica Equity was digitized completely and all manual processes were changed into paperless service. Additionally customized plans were provided to individual enterprises and stakeholders for better transparency and unification.

Trica Capital’s primary goal was to maximize wealth. We assimilated all the information under specific brackets for better retrieval and analysis whenever required. Access to exclusive opportunities were curated for clients with better portfolio management handles. We also provided additional scope for early investors and employee liquidity.

Our Approach

While analyzing the gaps, our team became aware that unification of the entire platform would require a complete transformation of the organization. Hence a set of goals were decided, based on which the entire approach was conceptualized. A user-friendly platform that’s transparent and result oriented. Build a consolidated platform that is process and result oriented. Complete overhaul of manual processing and go 100% paperless.

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Features of the app

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The platform transparency allowed better interactions and bonding with the stakeholders


Quick and easy ESOPs translation

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Ease of investing with user-friendly access that was easy to streamline.


Complete management control

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Ability to customize and plan periodic liquidity events.

Technology Stack





Trica is growing bigger

The transformation not only helped Trica unify its client list but also created an influx of newer clients and opportunities.