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Why it is Essential to Have a Good Website for Your Business

As we are living in a digital era, it is now more paramount than ever to have a strong presence on the internet. Why? Well with the explosion of digital media, internet on the go and access to the web – which is now available through an ever expanding range of devices, your customers are quite literally living their life online. Therefore having a web presence, which is accessible to anyone, is going to be the driving force of your businesses growth, development and future survival.

No matter what sector of the economy your business rests in you will find having a good website is the most important marketing tool. Certain business sectors however such as home and lifestyle or fashion and interior design have seen a continued exponential growth over the past few years, as the ability to plan kitchen layouts and see a virtual mock ups on line is a growing trend, and as increased numbers of customers are browsing, choosing design ideas and shopping on line for goods it looks as though this growth is here to stay. So, whether your business is fashion and jewellery or homes or holidays related having a good website is key, as your customers are already on line waiting for you.

So what’s the next step? First ask yourself, when was your website last updated? When was it last given a professional revamp? Or when was the last time you compared it to websites from your competitors? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘over 12 months ago’ then to keep ahead of the competition and continue to drive traffic to your site it’s time to spend some time , and invest some money, on improving and updating  your website.

Depending on your budget there are many things you can do to improve your website. One best way to retain customers and keep them interested in your company – making sure they return to you for business time after time, is to engage your customers by introducing as much interaction as possible i.e. the ability to take virtual tours of recent projects if you’re a kitchen or interior designer, or items in the new season range if your work is in fashion.

One benchmark of a good quality website is making shopping easy for your customer’s. Ensure navigation through your site is simple and hassle free, with clear links and headers to all pages. Online ordering should be a standard option on your website – however if you do not offer goods or a service that is possible to order without consultation then a pre- order service such as virtual mock ups or online estimations can still be offered. This will keep the communication flowing between you and your customer until a sale can be finalised.

Maybe your website has recently had an update or an overhaul – if so it is still important to think ahead and continue to make your website a priority for attention. This includes keeping photos and images up to date, along with contact details and prices increases, as companies who struggle to devote time to their digital presence run the risk of becoming the online version of the dying high street shop.

And finally be sure keep up with modern advances in digital communications, for example: linking to current social media sites including Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. These will all dramatically increase your digital presence by communicating your goods and services to potential customers, who may not be browsing through traditional standard search engines.

Author: Vivienne Ollis is a creative digital content writer, covering lifestyle topic for

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