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Vehicle Tracking Software Trends 2019

If you run a fleet of vehicles, then you are well acquainted with GPS enabled vehicle tracking devices. These devices emit information through software to your cell phones or computer about the locations of the vehicles, productivity of the employees, etc. The tracking software serves more than just safety aspect, it helps businesses better their customer service and increases profit margin. The use of technology is on the rise in all the sectors and the fleet industry is not far from it. Many such fleet management companies are turning to machine and IoT technologies in order to deliver a higher quality of service and cut overheads costs. Besides, route optimization, vehicle tracking and monitoring productivity, below are some of the trends this industry will witness in 2019:

Autonomous and Electric Vehicles: Autonomous vehicle may still be at a developing stage but experts believe that the number of these vehicles is expected to rise in 2019. These vehicles are said to enhance efficiency and driving capabilities with increased road safety like integrated vehicle-to-vehicle communication that would give updates about traffic conditions, collision aversion and much more. Going forward, fleet management companies will incorporate autonomous vehicles in their fleet.

Video Analytics for Advanced Monitoring: This trend is going to transform this industry. Though the installation of video analytics requires an onboard computer with network connectivity and GPS along with analytics software, IP cameras, etc. Apart from behaviour monitoring and tracking, it is beneficial for ensuring the safety of the driver or other occupants of the vehicle and reduce unnecessary fuel wastage, accidents, etc.

AI For Assistance: ADAS(Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) will keep getting smarter, offering more safety for drivers and pedestrians thanks to advancements in technology and deputation of superior systems. Many fleet management companies will strive to develop systems that leverage the power of AI, deep learning and machine vision technologies. There will be a rise in the use of sensor-driven systems to notify the driver about traffic conditions, fuel consumption and lane changing assistance, etc.

Predictive System: The IoT technology and wireless communications will help the driver or the owners of vehicles with timely alerts like when the service is due, schedule downtime and avoid malfunctions.

Fleet management is to empower and ease the operations bringing in increased productivity and profits. Fleets like Uber, Ola have created and are discharging their own applications which are user-friendly and the services rolled out by them are liked by all. There is no doubt, an effective and dynamic fleet tracking software can enhance the productivity of the business, making the system better, faster and quick.

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