Upcoming IoT Trends

IoT or Internet Of Things is undoubtedly changing the way individuals and enterprises are interacting with technology. IoT is broad-based technology which is actively transforming everything from consumer devices to large-scale operations of an industry. Not only in business, IoT is bringing a revolution in our gadgets we have at home. Since the IoT and other enhanced reality are steadily improving, there is a significant rise in the number of connected gadgets at homes and workplaces globally. So let’s glance at some of the upcoming IoT trends:

Continuing Trend of Smart Devices: Smart devices will become decisively more popular. Many sectors like healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing industries and automotive will make use of these for their business.

Dawn of the 5G: This network is touted to be the most anticipated and sophisticated technology trends in the industry. This 5G network will definitely usher in a new ear for IoT and these two technologies will support an increasingly interconnected world, driving the IoT innovation even further. 5G will revolutionize those areas where time and bandwidth speed are very crucial hence unleashing great potential leading to higher revenue generation.

Edge Computing: This will significantly affect those industries where immediate action is needed based on complex real-time data analysis and in sectors where cloud connectivity may be limited like shipping and logistics. Edge computing will empower devices by enabling local data processing and AI Capabilities to become more powerful and reduce data transfers

Greater Endpoint Security: IoT gadgets are prone to cyber attacks as not all of them have the same level of security. But it is all set to change and security at every endpoint will be increasing by this year-end. Security vendors will soon start developing and offering endpoint functionalities along with other services to protect data and guard the systems or devices against cyber threats.

There are large scale shifts happening now but how there are handled will go in a long way toward determining the future of this technology. Gartner has predicted that the number of connected devices will reach 14.2 billion in 2019 and will go up to 25 billion by 2021. Only time will tell on how well these IoT predictions will pan out in the coming years.




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