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Things to keep in mind while developing Mobile Apps to promote business

If you own a business or are planning to start one, the thought of building a mobile app for promoting your services or products might have crossed your mind. The benefits of developing both android & iphone applications for your business are immense.

Why you need a mobile app for your business :

Your mobile app needs are unique to your business offerings. Apps make it easy to reach out to millions of people through a device that is indispensable to most: their mobile phone. You can easily engage with your customers, offer them support, sell them your products, refine your business strategies based on a variety of metrics that you can apply to the data gathered from your application’s usage and delight loyal customers with unique benefits.

Questions to ask yourself before developing your application :


Who are your customers?

The goal of your apps would be to reach out to as many potential customers as possible and get as many of them to buy from you. Doing sufficient research and narrowing down on your target audience makes it easier to define possibilities for your app. Know your competitors, their revenues, reviews, the flaws and triumphs of their apps. You also need to ascertain what you want your potential customers to do with your application. Find your niche and wow them.

Who will build your app?

Mobile app development is a complex process that demands a sufficient amount of time and expertise. An in-house team offers more control over the process, but it can be financially taxing and can take away time and attention from your business. Consider hiring a mobile application development company to handle the entire process.

KISS or the Kitchen Sink?

Your app can offer multiple features to different kinds of users or it can offer a small and robust set of solutions to a problem. Neither of the approaches are wrong, if executed well. However, if you are trying to respond to very diverse needs through your apps, consider developing more than one. Maybe you need different apps to address different issues e.g. One application for your customers and one in-house for your team.

Which platforms should you build your app on?

Depending on your target audience, you need to ascertain which platform you want to build your app on, Android and iOS being the most popular ones.

Do you have the infrastructure to back the release of an app?

Putting the resources and the infrastructure in place to handle the surge of data, security of incoming customer information and customer support once your app is out in the wild cannot be afterthoughts. Plan ahead so that you do not end up disappointing your customers. Ensure that scalability is built into your system.

What about design?

Your app’s look and feel must reflect your brand. Creating any great applications involves a constant tug of war between simple usability and beauty. You are fighting for the attention of people who are already overloaded to the brim and spoilt for choice. It should be designed for ease of use and give a fulfilling experience.

How much is your budget?

There are many parts to a mobile apps budget. Your budget will influence whom you can hire, how complex your app can be, the number of platforms you can build on, extent of customization, submission charges and marketing. So your budget needs to be planned accordingly.

How are you going to market your app?

A good marketing strategy can be the difference between a wildly successful and an obscure app. Make sure that your apps is easily find able by choosing the right keywords. An app can grow when you promote it on social media platforms as well as build social sharing features into the app itself. Apart from the traditional marketing channels, you may use the help of blogging platforms, applications review sites, online news platforms, and mobile advertisements.

How much are you going to charge for the app?

Decide if you want to make your mobile app design free or paid. You can invite people to use it and get hooked on to it. You can also introduce in-app purchases. Or you can even price it suitably high if you are solving a sufficiently complex problem.Hope we have help you get started on your journey of creating a mobile app to help your business grow and thrive!. Do you want an app to sell your awesome stuff? To get more customers? Save the world? We can help you:

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