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Surface Pro 3! the ultimate Hybrid set to place between tablet / laptop!

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 being the successor of Surface pro 2 and Surface pro is more than just a spec boost, its a whole new entry in the Surface line-up with same Magnesium chasis. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is an amazing Hybrid beast, which has the potential to replace the Tablet & Laptop, as said by Microsoft “ it’s the first tablet specifically designed to replace your laptop”.


Surface Pro 3 with mighty features is merely 9.1mm (0.36 inch) thick & is powered by Intel’s latest Fourth generation Haswell processors – Microsoft says “it’s the slimmest device ever to pack a Core CPU”. It sports a range of Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, instead of the i5 in the Surface Pro 2. Battery life is said to be some 15 to 20 percent better than any other Surface.

Display, Camera & Sensors:

The screen is a 3:2 ratio 2160×1440 12-inch part & 216 ppi density, with the highest contrast ratios in the industry. Its also packed with 5.0 megapixel front + rear facing camera, Stereo microphones, Stereo speakers with Dolby® sound. Coming to sensors almost all areas are covered with sensors like Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer.


Surface 3 carries impressive weight of about 800 grams, which is still heaver than Ipad Air or Sammy’s Galaxy Tabs, but lightest of any Laptops & quite lighter than the 13-inch MacBook Air.

New Stylish Keypad:

The new keypad is more spacious and comfortable than before, with wider touchpad and increased precision. The keyboard can magnetically fold up and attach with the lower bezel. The buttons have a new live feel with traditional click sound on pressing, giving a feel of a laptop keyboard.

Multi-Position Kickstand:

The retained hinge design from previous Surface versions has been re-designed to be a friction hinge that looks able to hold in almost any position, up to 150 degrees.

Newly Designed Efficient Fan:

In spite of the thinness, it’s still not fanless, but with a newly designed fan that’s apparently 30 percent more efficient than any other fan as claimed by Microsoft, user should neither hear the fan nor feel the breeze from the vents around the edge.

Premium Aluminium Pen:

Write naturally!!! Surface Pro 3 comes with enhanched pen and ink experience by making the display even thinner, so that the ink appears at the pen tip, with minimal parallax. Also it comes with palm block technology, so you can continue typing without leaving a trace.

Clicking the pen like a retractable ball point pen, turns the Surface Pro 3 on and instantly opens the OneNote app for immediate writing support. Similarly, clicking the pen within the camera app will take a picture and annotate immediately in OneNote.

Desktops Productivity:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 runs on Windows 8.1 Pro, gone all the hate of Surface RT from previous versions of Microsoft Surface tablets. With fully fledged OS, one can install all the software’s in Surface 3 as one would install on a Laptop like full Office Suites, Adobe Creative Cloud, Itunes etc.


Microsoft is trying to get a great comeback by making the Surface pro 3 thinner & lighter like a tablet as well as giving powerful functionality of a Laptop. Now only the likes or dislikes of people will decide the future of this amazing Hybrid.

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