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Is Self Driving technology going to be the next Operating System War?

Driver less Cars are becoming reality from just being a sci fi fantasy, thanks to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence. No wonder all the biggies in the IT and Car making space are investing in this field. It’s been said that the next decade is going to be of the Self Driving Technology.

Recently in news Waymo has ditched its firefly car, stating  that they wanted to concentrate more technology rather than that of the Car itself. Waymo is into self driving technology, and is owned by Alphabet, the parent company of Google.

That makes sense, why would one want to reinvent the wheel(or the car) ? Instead focusing on the self driving technology algorithms and making them fault proof can get them make strategic partnerships with Car makers in order to bring the self driving technology to any cars.

Rumour in the bay area is Apple also has been working secretly on a Self Driving technology as well. This gets me into thinking that will this turn out to be the Android for self driving technology luring car manufacturers to go for Waymo instead of investing and developing on their own.

The analogy is very similar to that of the google’s current Android Operating System. Instead of making the hardware the google is competing with other phone manufacturers with the software. By this, Google brought a revolution in usage of smartphones by making it way more affordable. Hardware companies had to just invest on the hardware rather worry on the software.

Well, as a technology company keeping a watch on trends in IT, we at Pace Wisdom believe this amalgamation of the IT and Automotive Industry could be the next big thing.

Mohammed Azzan Patni,
Creative Technical Director,
Pace Wisdom Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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