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Rediscover the Passion within and Celebrate – Bluewinger

BlueWinger is a locale where there is an opportunity to personify the passion to search on life and work. The legendary and mysterious blue winged birds are the inspiration for BlueWinger.

What Bluewinger offers?

Apart from the daily routine work it sometimes feels that every individual has to look at the ways to erase their worries, work tensions and problems. Inventing a place for themselves in attaining self-satisfaction opens a road for relaxation. Bluewinger is providing an open stage to explore the individual’s life. Also, conducting events and occasions to celebrations – helps in refining both social and professional life.

BlueWinger creates platform to rediscover the passion within and to cherish each other. Identifying oneself and engaging in the circumstances of day-to-day lives are major highlights. Additionally, BlueWinger provides information about important happenings around the society and creates events to collaborate with friends and colleagues. It offers place to balance work life and rejoice at a pace, while relieving unwanted stress.

Great shopping with gifts, deals, offers and bargains are some of the features of Bluewinger. It provides opportunity to nourish the little child within, amazing moments of celebrations, adventures, events and hobbies. These services are integrated in BlueWinger mobile app by the expert team from Pace Wisdom by manifesting the amenities.

Technology Used:

Bluewinger app is developed as a monolithic application, focussed on connecting people and delivering exuberant services. The team at Pace Wisdom Solutions is an upright provider of Android app development services has unified the services of BlueWinger using following technologies. Upon installation, it creates a user account through the process of form filling as one criterion. It provides options to login via google and facebook.

  • Python
  • Django REST framework
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

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