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Paperless India (Digi Paper)

We all use paper in our day to day life for various purposes. The cons of using physical paper ,in today’s day and age definitely outweigh the pros. Firstly , 90% of the  paper that is used is rendered redundant sooner or later and most of this volume ends up in landfills . The important documents that make way to our lockers entail the risk of being lost .

Generally we preserve the following physical  papers :  

  • Billing, which is track of expenses.
  • Important documents like mark sheets or certificates.
  • Money is one of the important paper resource ..
  • Medication Papers and other such important documents .

India Stack is one  platform which provides a solution to replace physical paper in an efficient and effective manner . They build mobile or web front apps. One can store all the physical papers in digital format by linking the  Aadhaar number with bills, medical report, prescription etc.

We  need not  carry cash anymore by simply  maintaining the  online wallet application. India Stack’s  solution of  UPI payment system  is linking the bank accounts with the  Aadhaar number. As per the government rules all Indian citizens have to associate their bank account with Aadhaar number. UPI enables  citizens to carry out their transactions smoothly  by just remembering one Email ID and password.

The above initiatives require our co-operation to make a huge difference not only to ecology but also towards transitioning India to a digital economy .

Ashish Gupta,
Pace Wisdom Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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