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Best practices to improve Digital Experience

Modern-day businesses are very dynamic and fast-paced. Hence it becomes important for them to create new avenues to generate revenue, enhance brand identity and keep the customer engaged. These days, the average attention span of the human brain is 8 seconds. Businesses that connect to potential customers in the digital domain have to make an impression on them within this duration. What can they do the best to capture their attention? How can they improve their digital experience? How can they provide the best user experience?

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Why is Software Maintenance so important?

Let us assume, you want to own a shiny new car. Buying a car is just one step in the process of owning the car. For the car to be a reliable mode of personal transportation, regular maintenance is a must. Similarly, your house needs to be vacuumed and dusted, leaks to be fixed and electrical short circuits to be repaired on a regular basis. When left unattended, the house becomes uninhabitable over time and collapses under its own weight. Software is no different. As the lines of code increase, greater becomes the need of software maintenance.

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XaaS: Changing the world, one service at a time

Today’s world runs on services. Do you want to go somewhere? Hail an uber via the app! Want some blood tests to be done? Summon a lab technician home, via an app on your phone! Unable to cook dinner? Order some food in, with your phone! Everything is provided as a service these days. And there is a term for it. XaaS – Anything/Everything as a Service. 

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Digital Healthcare Trends – A gradual but significant change

The circumstances of 2020 have reinforced the need for an accelerated digital transformation of the healthcare sector. The many digital technologies that will fuel the digital healthcare sector are compiled in this article.

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Why is Managed IT good for your business?

Let us assume that you are running a small-scale e-commerce website. All data crucial to your business such as sales catalog, payment info, details of customer orders reside on your computer’s hardware. For a trouble free running of business, it is important that these hardwares run continuously and are maintained regularly. Any malfunctioning of these hardware components needs to be troubleshot in the minimum possible time to avoid business disruptions. Who fixes your hardware and IT in times of trouble? The answer is IT services.

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Hyper personalization: An effective tool to attract attention and influence retention

Was there a day in your life where you went to a restaurant, read through the menu card and didn’t know what to order? Or a day where you sat in front of the TV and didn’t know what to watch?

On such days, would you have appreciated it if the waiter suggested something, you ordered that and ended up loving it? TV suggested a few programs, you picked one and now that is the best program you have ever watched?

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Sustainable IT for a Greener Future

What comes to your mind when you hear the words like green energy, sustainability, reuse, recycle, low carbon footprint, reduced energy consumption? I asked my friend and he thought I was talking about an eco-friendly home. Would you be surprised if I told you that these terminologies also apply to information technology in a similar context? Organizations across the globe are now progressing towards reducing TCE, Total Cost to Environment. Yes! Sustainable IT is a thing and it is very essential for a green and prosperous future for our planet.

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Software Infrastructure for 5G

This might sound cliche but mobile connectivity has indeed developed by leaps and bounds in the last five decades. In the 1980s, 1G delivered analog voice service. Then came the 2G in the early 1990s that introduced digital voice. 3G that came in the 2000s introduced mobile internet. 2010 onwards, 4G LTE (Long term evolution) found its applications in the era of mobile broadband. 

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How Pace Wisdom Solution Helps in Agricultural Advancement through App Development

The avenues that are open in software development seem to be limitless now. Because of the evolution of development technology and industry-standard practices, we’re able to create something that solves even problems we’ve had for centuries.

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A curation of interesting IT trends of 2021

We tried looking around for what’s hot and happening in the field of IT and on what technologies do various consultants and business houses place their bets on. What fields received increased funding for this year’s research activities and much more. Read on to know further about the IT trends of this year.

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Gamification of Software Development

An old English saying goes “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

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IoT – The backbone of smart city projects

For a city municipal corporation, the safety, comfort, and well being of its citizens is the priority.

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