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Is it necessary to buy an expensive Android smart phone?

Many of us would love to own a shiny & expensive Android smart phone. But we do not really want to feel guilty about spending a large chunk of our savings on it. Android phones seem to get outdated in a blink as many smart phone manufacturers ship out devices with top-notch specs, one after another.

There are plenty of benefits that come with ultra high-end Android phones. They are packed with premium components & materials, be it the best chipset or a classy outer shell. The hardware lasts for a relatively longer period and manufacturers offer lengthier support cycles. A demanding user who is very particular about design and extreme performance, (eg. hard-core mobile gamers) would benefit the most from these devices. If you can afford it and love it, feel free to stop reading and enjoy your awesome device!

It is common for people who haven’t had the chance to do sufficient research on their needs, to jump the bandwagon and buy a powerhouse, flagship Android phone. Many of us dread having to select a new phone. The market gives us too many phones to choose from, especially in the Android segment.

Finding the Android phone that suits you

How does one balance intelligent spending with getting the best fit for your needs?

One needs to take a long, hard look at their lifestyle and budget. Does the job at your company need the features of an expensive Android phone? Can it support your hobbies or part-time gig? Do you really require a lot of resource hungry apps? Would it be a guilt free and satisfying purchase?

The most basic Android apps & functions that we expect from a phone are browsing, music, videos, camera, messaging, games, GPS, social media & sharing and, of course, the ‘phone’ aspect. Most of us need just a few specific Android apps to cover all our needs. These apps are generally compatible across most phones too.

We love whipping out our phone cameras for capturing every mildly interesting scene. Even though high end Android phones have amazing cameras, the non-expensive ones produce images good enough to be shared on social media and messaging apps. If you only read messages, books, blogs etc. on your Android phone, you might not need a screen with a very high pixel density or LTE. For those who love the outdoors, wrecking an expensive Android phone during your journey would be the last thing that you want!

On the other hand, it might be wise to pick an Android device slightly better than what you think you might need. You will always thank yourself later.
We hope that this post helps you make a smarter choice for yourself. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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