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Mandatory Mobile Apps for Business Representatives

Running a business is a responsive and active task. It demands lot of skills and spirits. During the course, it is necessary to communicate with people within the entity as well as with clients. This involves the responsibilities of managing and monitoring of database of tasks, assignments, inquiries, meetings etc. Of course, all the information can be fed into the laptop. When the technology is spreading its hands, why not look at them? How does an entrepreneur or a management representative take advantage of the growing technologies? How this helps in delivering his/her set of responsibilities in much more effective way?

Rather than carrying a laptop everywhere, Business representatives can monitor the set of tasks from their smart phones easily. In order to bring down the burden, enterprises can get a customized mobile application, specific to their requirements. Let’s look at the mandatory mobile apps that helps in leading a peaceful and hassle free life.

Apps for Scheduling Meetings

Being responsible to organize & take part in meetings with internal teams and clients, management representatives play a vital role in companies. It is not a good idea anymore to monitor the meeting schedules in excel sheets. These apps will be able to record, schedule and monitor the meeting completely. Custom apps can be designed to allow content sharing through Word docs, PDFs, images and PowerPoint presentations. Mobile apps can be designed to connect a team of work group, which helps in better team interaction. Same app can be scaled to support more participants by adding enterprise management features, whenever the team size increases.

Apps for International calling

Nowadays, business enterprises are expanding their horizons overseas. Interacting with overseas representatives and clients is a basic necessity. International calling mobile app helps broadly to attain this. Special SIM or featured cards are not necessary to use such apps. To get connected through internet data or via cellular channels are two international calling options. International calling can be turned into local calls when opted through cellular channels, by modifying the current plans. Highly reliable apps will help the enterprises to interact with their international counterparts easily.

Travel monitor & alert App

Most difficult part for the delegates is to keep an eye on their business trips either within the city or inter cities. To provide services, solve the issues, discuss with clients, meet the dealers etc, travelling is necessary. With too much task & travelling schedules, it is uneasy to be alert and monitor them altogether. How to record all the trips, distances and destinations for the whole month? No need to worry when a mobile app widens its hands to provide help. Custom apps, can monitor all the travel information through database and GPS system. It also gives an alert at defined intervals allowing the business travelers a trouble free professional life. Travelers can keep working on their laptop or have a pleasant sleep by setting a destination in mobile app. It alerts them when they are about to reach the destination.

Language App

To expand the business along the nation or overseas, it is better to know more languages. Just because of language you cannot stop expanding your business. India is a multi-linguistic country with people talking in their native languages. Foreign languages are addition for doing international business. To make a better impression, you may speak or write in client’s native language. Countries such as Japan, China, Russia etc, which are non-English respects more to those who connect with them in their own language. Nevertheless, conversation becomes more personalized and friendlier with the clients. The app helps in finding good phrases from different languages, which can be used in email or other conversations. Also it will help in language translation and learning opportunity.


With the above mentioned mobile applications, business person can however solve most of the issues related to interaction and communication. Startup and middle level companies are taking more advantages through this app. Pace Wisdom is providing enterprise mobility solutions to potential companies to meet their requirements and to resolve their popping issues.

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