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iOS 11 – What’s new for Developers

iOS-11 sets a new scale to the world’s most advanced mobile operating system by introducing multiple attractive features for users. There’s lot more for iPad user as iOS-11 takes iPad to whole new level with an introduction to attractive features like Apple Pay, advance Camera with live photos facility, attractive messaging experience, advance SIRI, Apple music, highly advanced control centre, new lock screen, do not disturb feature, highly advanced Maps, Quick type keyboard and Automatic setup to sync between devices but what’s new for iPhone/iPad developers. There is lot more for developers too as iOS-11 is introduced with new technologies like Augmented Reality, core Machine Learning.

Augmented Reality in Apps :-

ARkit introducing Augmented Reality in apps for better project planning.

Better project planning:-

It is organized, informed and in control with a powerful, visual system. It will take care of user requirement by managing whole portfolio on Project Map, search and Filters.

Information management without the headaches:-

ARkit is providing user friendly tools to organize budgets, costs, tasks, project history, documents and files everything at one place.

Machine Learning in Apps:-

Core ML helps to  integrate a broad variety of machine learning model types into your app. Core ML providing features include face tracking, face detection, landmarks, text detection, rectangle detection, barcode detection, object tracking, and image registration.
Core ML introducing The natural language processing APIs to deeply understand  text using features such as language identification, tokenization, lemmatization, part of speech, and named entity recognition.

Xcode 9:-

Xcode 9 is written in Swift and significantly advance in a number of areas including performance and dependency management. The new system is built on top of the open source llbuild project and lays the foundation for integrating the Xcode build system with the Swift Package Manager.
Xcode 9 is introducing BuildSettingExtractor which is an open source utility which helps in using xcconfig files. The big news is if we need to make changes I would need to make to BuildSettingExtractor.

BuildSettingExtractor :-

BuildSettingExtractor is an open source utility that helps for using xcconfig files. It reads the build settings embedded in an Xcode project file and extracts the settings into xcconfig files. It can also extract the Xcode help for each build setting to produce automatically documented configuration files.

Swift 4 :-

Swift 4 is a major release that is intended to be completed in the fall of 2017. It pivots around providing source stability for Swift 3 code while implementing essential feature work needed to achieve binary stability in the language. It will contain significant enhancements to the core language and Standard Library, especially in the generics system and a revamp of the String type.

Conclusion :

Finally, I would like to say iOS-11 has a lot promising features for iPhone/iPad developers to make awesome apps by using Augmented Reality and Machine Learning which will give better user experience and highly advanced apps to users.

Anubhav Giri,
iOS Developer,
Pace Wisdom Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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