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Hotel Industry Technology Trends 2019

In the year 2018, the industry has adapted to significant technological advancements. Some Hotel Industry Technology Trends are voice assistants, blockchain technologies and development in all aspects of hotel management, staff safety and sustainability. Ensuring robust digital security was at the forefront due to the rise in physical and online threats demonstrated the risks posed by technological change. Now that we are well into few months of this brand new year and the hotel industry is busy gearing up for its annual top trends, forecasting and anticipating on what the upcoming months have in store for them and the travellers.

Mobile is taking centre stage in everything that we do, while data-driven personalization is at the top of hotel trends that will dominate 2019. Hotel Industry Technology Trends is set to play a bigger part in all aspects of hospitality from marketing techniques, enhancing the guest experience, daily operations, let’s see how:

Voice-Based Search/Virtual Reality: A study has revealed that nearly 50% of the surveyed travellers use voice for search during their trip. So keeping updated information about a hotel on the web will be very important as we go ahead.

Likewise, AR/VR has a huge potential in this industry. From the marketing perspective, this technology can give travellers a three-dimensional view of the hotel room, entire property and may be areas surrounding it. This would help the visitors make a well-informed decision and inspire them to make a booking.

Mobile Trends: Thanks to development in mobile technology, there will be an onus on direct bookings. Hotels will be on improving mobile conversion even though desktops still brings in the bigger chunk of the revenue. This year for hotels will be focusing on optimizing their websites and booking tools to effectively convert mobile users.

Enhance Customer Experience: Personalization is the key. 2019 will redefine the experience in “guest experience” in different exciting ways. These days, travellers constantly seek out to make photographic memories to post on their social media over other traditional experience.

Technology is everywhere and the hotel industry will definitely profit if they align their business process and streamline it more towards making it friendly on mobile and other handheld devices. And as more hoteliers understand the importance of embracing tech, it is sure to be hugely beneficial as it will be an integral part of the operations, marketing, customer service and much more.

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