Got A Great Tech Idea, But What Next?

Got A Great Tech Idea, But What Next?

What if a brilliant tech idea strikes your mind. Would you take it forward, work on it and or just let it go assuming that someone may already be doing it or seems difficult. Or do you worry about the lack of experience in the tech field? Firstly, there are a few things you must address before taking your idea to the next level:

  • Starting a business venture is a complicated process and can take months to become stable. It takes countless working hours so be ready to work late nights and early mornings
  • Having merely a good idea won’t do good, it should be advertised well in the market and must create some buzz
  • If you are not tech savvy or don’t understand how the software works, no problem. You just need a strong idea and sufficient funding. Hire a team of experts to build the product for you

Once you understand the intricacies and realities of starting a business, you can proceed to check if it will be a feasible venture with the following:

Business Plan: Once confident with the idea, start preparing a business plan by doing thorough research on several areas like value proposition, market and competitive analysis and financial forecast. While drafting this document, you are required to be as objective and research-focused as possible. Preparing the plan will help you identify weaknesses and strengths or threats and also to attract funding. A well thought out and deeply researched business will be favoured by probable investors.

Technical Feasibility: Now if your idea already exists, you are pretty much aware of the technology available to support it. But what if that’s not the case? If so, then your next work and research should be to determine the technical feasibility of the idea. You can meet up with a technical expert, understand the functionality and whether the idea is technically feasible.

Monetization Potential: Has your idea the potential to rake in money? Now depending on what kind of tech you are developing, there are several options which can be explored.  You can charge businesses to use your tech either on per-product or subscription model. You can also sell individual licenses for that software and partner with them for advertising or affiliate links.

Recruitment: It’s not easy for you to do all the work. Get on board experts or specialists to build your product efficiently. Look around for a great pool of talent and start building your contacts so as to begin at the earliest when the funding comes in.

Funding: The lifeline for any business idea – funding can depend on your goals and needs a solid pitch backed with strong research proving that the idea is worth it.

When you believe in your idea and put great efforts to make it a reality, the impossible becomes possible. You may have setbacks and failure but these are just a stepping stone to success and will only push you to try new ways of doing it.

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