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Digital Healthcare Trends for 2019

In today’s time, it’s “convenience” which holds a key factor in determining the value of the services rendered. And this stands for the healthcare sector as well. With hospitals and doctors now focusing on this Value-Based Care model, technology plays the key part in helping this sector boost and sustain its facilities to provide a world-class healthcare facility.

Being a few months into 2019, it is safe to say that there are few trends which will be a torchbearer in the digital  health space:

Artificial Intelligence: It is everywhere. Though it hasn’t taken over the world as of yet but is proving very useful in multiple sectors. Using this technology with Machine Learning and Deep Learning has the potential to prolong lives by enabling doctors to detect life-threatening diseases early and initiate the best course of treatment.

BlockChain: In a sector where privacy and confidentiality of a patient’s medical history or disease is an essential feature, this technology will enable safe storage and transfer of files amongst the consulting medical experts and parties who have been consented to view such files.

Healthcare Devices with IoT: A combination of smart wearable devices with mobile connectivity and integrated analytics, has evolved and drastically transformed the entire health industry. With devices that can be strapped to one’s wrist giving updates on heart rate, blood pressure, sleep cycle and many more; will help medical experts to understand the patient’s medical history, address any chronic ailments, optimize drug prescription, etc.

Mobile Digital Healthcare: Now one can consult their doctors over the phone on a call, text or Whatsapp messaging. The process of calling for an appointment, waiting in long queues, commuting, etc can all be streamlined with mobile digital healthcare. With the ever-expanding mobile device usage coupled with high-speed net connectivity, a patient and doctor can now connect seamlessly no matter the distance.

Big Data: Health industry has realized the potential of offering personalized services to patients. With Big Data, a doctor or institutions can now be able to diagnose a patient more accurately by feeding the AI-based healthcare system with the patient’s medical history and symptoms.

No matter whether you’re a hospital, medical institution, private clinic or B2C business, seeking to provide top-notch healthcare service for the patients in a cost-effective manner, then these trends definitely are worth keeping an eye on and implementing them for the betterment of the patient and industry.

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