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Why App Development Will Continue To Be In High Demand

A smartphone with an internet connection today is as vital as oxygen or water in the digital world. Well, almost! That being said, the one thing that actually makes a smartphone smart is its apps! Currently, we have apps for food, travel, entertainment, shopping, banking, matrimony, cooking, navigation, and everything else you can think of. This has opened gates of opportunities for Indian app developers.  The App Development companies in India and business are coming together to offer extremely personalized services.

Hereafter, App Development will be in high demand. Listed below are some of the major reasons which indicate why.

Soaring Market for Indian App Development

A survey was recently conducted by Yahoo. According to it, a growth of 43% was witnessed in the usage of mobile apps in India during 2016. The number is highly promising. It indicates how people, with time, are learning and accepting mobiles as their one-stop solution for shopping, paying bills, and even as their identity proof (Aadhar mobile application).

Portability and Convenience

In the fast-paced world, people spend more time looking at their mobile screens than computers or tablets. Apps are being prioritized over websites for their ease of use. They are accessible anytime and from anywhere. This on-the-go alternative has widely helped in expanding ventures. It is the primary reason why all the major e-commerce giants are resorting to the app equivalent of their websites by providing offers exclusive to apps.

Location-based Personalisation

Smartphones have GPS functionality. ┬áThis provides location-based personalization of different businesses. As a matter of fact, apps form the backbone of food delivery, nearby offers and deals, cabs and dating services. That is, these services wouldn’t exist without mobile applications.

App Integration

Whether it’s making a Boomerang on Instagram, paying via Paytm on Bookmyshow, or booking an Uber through Google Maps, integration of one application into another makes the user experience richer. Besides, it also shows how one app creates a space for another app to jump in and consequently, simplify the life of people and create more business simultaneously.

Internet of Things

With IoT being considered as the next big thing in the field of technology, bringing smart homes, smart cities, and smart vehicles to life, the role of mobile applications has become more significant. Assorted sensors are already installed in smartphones. The mobile applications are being used to connect the world around us to the internet through smart devices. Just try to picture a home where you can control and monitor its lighting system using an app in your handset by clicking a few buttons. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

In keeping with the current scenario, it is proven that mobile apps are a handy and superior alternative to websites for businesses. Hence, the surge in its market and competition. Under these circumstances, it will be interesting to watch how the app development companies in India cope with the growing demand. As for the mobile apps, well, they are free, they are preferable and they are taking the world by storm!

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